Has my writing changed Since the beginning of the year

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Since I haven’t had much homework this week and we were assigned this topic I decided to look back at my very first articles and so on and so forth.  I have talked with Mr. McCabe about my writing and how it has changed before. A great example is when we were talking about how my writing has changed from fifth grade and then the beginning of seventh to now.

I would definitely say that my writing has changed a lot and in a good way. I have learned how to properly use commas and not just throw them around everywhere like I used to do last year. I feel like I didn’t really understand what commas were supposed to be used for. I just thought they could be put anywhere. Now I definitely understand they can’t be put anywhere. It has also helped my English grade a lot because my teacher can also see that my writing improved and is hopefully proud of me.

Another thing I have noticed a lot that has improved in my writing is that I stopped using so many run-on sentences, that was like one of the worst problems that I had when I was writing. I would either use no commas or put commas after every two words. I didn’t know how to separate sentences. If I tried to separate sentences they would just sound choppy and weird. I eventually finally learned how to separate sentences the right way and to use commas only when needed not just because you think it will sound good but because you know that it will sound good.  In fifth grade and sixth I especially had problems with run-on sentences my teachers would always tell me that I needed to separate my sentences and use more commas in the right places. I was always so confused. As I was looking back at my old articles I realized a lot of my sentences sounded really choppy and short. Then I looked at my more recent articles and they sounded way less choppy and overall just better.

Another thing I learned a lot about was not using the same word for everything. Now I can realize when I’m using a word too much. For example, if I use the word actually two times a row in the same sentence I realize that it might sound a bit weird so I try to think of other words that would be a good substitute for actually. Journalism is a really good class its not only really chill but it also helps you with your writing skills. When I first came to journalism I didn’t think my writing was going to improve as much as it did. Even though it was sometimes hard to think about what to write about I always did even if it was the night before it was due. Also if you think about it It also helps you a lot with your responsibility and I enjoyed that a lot as well.

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