Backpacks are cool. They help hold your necessary school items that are needed to attend and pass school. They are a complete upgrade from carrying your items by hand or carrying it with a paper or plastic bag. They also help you accessorize yourself with its stylish and aesthetically looking designs. Many backpacks differ in design and function. Some backpacks are camping and hiking backpacks, where they carry large amounts of items that can help you in your hike and/or camp trip. There are also backpacks that can carry large or small water containers that are connected to a straw that goes down the strap of the backpack. Backpacks can look in many interesting ways.

The Earth

This backpack shows off your love for the Earth. This backpack shows other people that your love for the Earth is indescribable. This backpack is great for environmentalists who want to show their love for the Earth. It is also good for Historians and Geographers that need to show people a globe of the Earth when they don’t have a physical globe to use. Geographers can show places on this backpack to students and other people who want to know more about the Earth. Looking at the size of this backpack, you can probably fit the entire school in it. With the sheer size of the backpack, you can probably fit your entire school career’s work in here, from kindergarten to your graduation in college. However, when you finally look back into this backpack, you may get confused with the sheer amount of work that must have been stored in the backpack for over 13 or so years of school work. Also with the number of items that might be placed in this backpack, it might be near-impossible to pick up and use practically.

The Dragon

This backpack is cool. It has a cool design that can wow your fellow classmates. This backpack was designed with pure skill and craftsmanship. The quality of leather used for the backpack must be so good, that it may be made of the president’s cows. The quality of leather that the backpack might be worth more than the president himself/herself. The design of the backpack is so cool that it gets dress coded from schools because of its coolness. The intricate details on the teeth and the nose. The eyes perfectly detailed, with the pupils and the other parts of the dragon. The wings are also very intricately detailed but serve no purpose whatsoever. The backpack is so cool that you will have no problem making new friends and rising up the ranks of popularity in your school. This backpack may not be practical, but its sheer coolness is enough to compensate for the lack of practicality of the backpack. The principal might not be okay with the sheer intricacy and the coolness of the backpack, but the backpack will help you rise in the ranks. This backpack is like your cheat-sheet for a popularity boost.

Backpacks are cool.