The Megalodon and the ocean’s beach

Once there was a nice day in Miami, Florida and everybody was going to the beach to tan and swim in the water and surf. Well today was the beach’s 100th birthday and everybody came to celebrate but it was a bad day to celebrate because there was something big and scary in the water. There was at least 45,000 people in one area of the beach. The Megalodon has a mouth the size of two families or 10 people. It can swallow many people hole at a time and has teeth double the size of a head. It was hungry today and can eat 700 people on one serving.

The Megalodon is twice the size of a blue whale. Everybody knows when it is coming because there is a change in water movement and it has a huge fin that sticks out of the water. Today it was able to stay underwater and have nobody notice it. It saw all the legs in the water and bit so many legs off of people. He had about fifty legs in his mouth and blood starting making the ocean red and the Megalodon is just getting started. Everybody tried going to shore as quick as they can but the shark was faster than them and killed one thousand and fifty people and injured six hundred.

The next hour was completely silent at the beach with hundreds of people dead and hundreds injured people crossed out the beach and nobody went to that beach again for another year. Thousands of people went to the beach next to the Megalodon beach hoping that the beast wont show up there too but they were wrong because after one hour of people swimming the Megalodon showed up and swallowed over 40 people at one time. People could not believe this was happening again and people were sprinting and finally people saw how big this shark was.

It was later spotted eating a ship in the Atlantic ocean. It was found dead and measured to be at one hundred feet long and fifty seven feet wide. It was placed in the world’s biggest aquarium where it was frozen and displayed. It was in the aquarium on the floor when the ground started shaking. people realized that the Megalodon was getting up and was’t dead but was just injured and in a coma. It break through the ice and broke the glass which sent water everywhere which was drowning everybody in the area.

It was enough water to get the shark to the nearest lake which was where it was hiding. The shark was on the surface of the lake where it was sleeping when all of a sudden something popped up out of the water and ate the Megalodon. It was over quadruple the size of the Megalodon and nobody knew it was there. It hid there waiting for the next people to swim in that lake. It was found three hundred years later at the bottom and was put in an aquarium where it was frozen. Citizens knew what was going to happen after that.