Summer time

It was a warm sunny day when a thirteen year old decided to go out to play basketball. This thirteen year old is named Evan. Evan is a very smart kid who has straight A’s and never doesn’t try at school. His parents are very proud of his grades, well at least his mom is. His dad is very proud of his academical skills but his dad is a professional basketball and really aspires to have Evan play basketball. Evan wanted to make his dad proud so for the last three weeks. Even though Evan thought he would be really bad at basketball he is surprisingly good.

When Evans dad got to the parking lot and saw Evan he was in complete shock. He was so happy and supersized at the same time. He told Evan how proud he was then asked him to keep shooting. So Even kept shooting and kept scoring and his dad kept giving him the rebounds and laughing. His dad was so happy he called Evans mom, Oren. Oren is a very nice and supporting women and she always has Evans side. Just like Evans dad she is very proud of his kid, not only his academic work but his social skills have been expanded.

Evans mom came and immediately found the nearest basketball team and called them for tryouts. His mom told him tryouts are in a week and right when his mom said that his dad’s face immediately changes. They started doing drills and very hard exercises until like eleven but since it was a weekend his mom didn’t get mad at him. Evan was exhausted and didn’t know why his dad was making him work so hard. But Evans saw how happy his dad was and decided not to question him.

When Evan finally got home he went straight to the shower and overheard his mom talking about how he shouldn’t overwork it just because he didn’t make one of his tryouts when he was a kid. She kept talking about how it doesn’t matter anymore about what happened in the past because he made it to the NBA. His mood changed and he responded by saying that he doesn’t want the  same thing that happened to him to happen to his son. His mom started saying you can still train him but just take it easy. “You just need to believe in him” his mom said.

When it was the next week Evan started trainings as hard as he can because tryouts were in two hours. His dad finally got back from work and started doing drills. His dad trained him so hard that he needed to take a quick nap. When he woke up he quickly got dressed and headed straight to the car. He got to tryouts and got a bit nervous, his dad gave him a few words of motivation before he got trampled by the kids because he is a famous NBA player. The tryouts finished and he made it in the team and is the new captain.