What happened to my knee?

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I am a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, and I was one the five people from my studio to compete in a national tournament. I have to admit, I was scared but I was so excited. We drove to Sacramento, CA, where the tournament took place. I was also crazy excited and couldn’t wait to compete. Tournaments also have a downside- they take forever to get all the papers sorted and everything. It was my turn now and everyone was looking at me, the moment I have been waiting for, It was all up to me. I competed in two categories, forms, and sparring. I did my form first as there was no one there. This was all basically muscle memory now because I have actually done it just about 100 times. I did my form flawlessly and got first place in that division, but now comes the fun part sparring.,

Since this was a national tournament I was going up against people I have never met. This is the part that made it exciting. With my luck I go against the best person their, but that’s not what happened. He does a side kick and kicks my knee down . That now has became the worst day of my life. From there I couldn’t get up for two hours then we just drove home. I thought it was just going to hurt forever just for a couple days or so, but I didn’t now it would actually hurt until I stop growing so potentially up to the age of 24. We went to go see a doctor a few days after the incident. We did X-rays and MRIs, they finally had an answer for us. That kick made me get a bone and muscle defect, now my femur and calf bones grow really fast and push into the muscle tissue in my knee. Now my muscle tissue grows a lot slower than the usual. I hated the day they told me that and I realized that my abilities will be limited for a very long amount of time.

Now my knee doesn’t hurt all the time it’s only when I’m growing, it hurts in the mornings and in the evenings quit often. When my knee hurts I hate missing PE that’s an important source for my exercise and partially keeps me in shape. I also have tons of fun in PE because some of my friends have the same period so we can hangout during that time. To help my knee pain I wear a brace that doesn’t let it move as much which sometimes helps but other times doesn’t really help. I also sometimes wear an ankle brace because of the various times I have rolled and sprained my ankle.

Now I went to the doctor and they said that I almost tore a ligament under my patella and and now I am out of all sports for 6 weeks and then we decide if it got better to do further MRI’s.