My Last Article


Hello, everyone. I’m Kaitlyn Krakowski and welcome to my final TED Talk. Well, we did it! It’s been a long year, and I’m quite proud of myself for managing to come up with article ideas for like eleven months. The beginning of my eighth grade year was absolute horse crap. It was awful. But, as life went on, I saw that things really do get better as cheesy as that may seem. It’s a ling wait, but life does get better. The months between the middle of February to now have been some of the best months of my life yet, and to be culminating and moving onto the next chapter of my life after what seemed like forever is so relieving. Let’s skip the sap though, and let’s review some of my old articles.

The Fiction Era

My first article was fiction. I’m not including the title because it is absolutely AWFUL. It is HORRENDOUS. My writing was terrible during the first semester, but when you take a look at my later fiction article, “He’s Still Watching,” you can definitely tell I’ve improved. I’m not one to self promote, but as I’m very proud of that article, you should read it if you’re interested. That was my last fiction article, and honestly, I’m 100% okay with that.

The Disappearance of Jojo Siwa’s Hairline

Yes, that’s right. Kaitlyn Krakowksi hasn’t yet forgotten her old knock-off Shane Dawson series. I’m pretty upset I didn’t finish it, and if someone next year is please, by all means, finish what I started. I did enjoy writing those articles, but I did get comments claiming I was “hating” on Jojo. To those people, how dare you assume I would hate on my goddess Jojo! I adore her and her extroverted personality, and to say that I was not supporting her is quite the insult. Bottom line is, Jojo is my #1 lit squad fam bee. Okay? Okay.

Random Articles

I love my random articles. These are the ones about Troom Troom (read ’em, they’re funny), Pool Floaties, things about my life (Why I was a Weird Kid, My Pets, My Favorite Musicals, etc.), and of course, the king of all random articles; Stock Images. My stock image articles are pretty funny, and I’m proud of them. My bears article is also pretty good, not gonna lie. An article I wish I wrote was a Micheal Jackson article. Hee-hee, y’know?

“Scary” Articles

I started writing these articles just last months, and they were honestly so much fun. I really like crime investigation and unsolved mysterious, so writing about these things were right up my alley. I wish I’d written more of them, but I only discovered this topic recently. If you’re like me and are interested in these things, this is something I’d definitely   recommend writing about.

So, there you have it. That’s my last article. It’s sad that I’ll never write another article for the Hale Telescope, but being our school’s editor in chief has been an honor. I’m proud of my and my classmate’s accomplishments, and I hope that my articles aren’t lost in some sort of Hale telescope void. I’m beyond excited for high school, and I would like to say something to the incoming sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

Life gets better. It does. My middle school years were awful, but hey, I’m okay now. Life has gotten so much better for me. I’ve realized who my friends are, I’m starting to figure out who I am, and I’ve found some amazing people that I’ll stick by for a long time. And you will too. Just hang in there, it’ll work out. It might be two months, it might be two years. But, eventually, you’ll find happiness.

Sorry for the angst. That’s something that I wish someone had told me in middle school, as I never would’ve thought that life would turn out alright. Well, that’s the end, everyone. I do hope that whoever has been reading my articles has enjoyed them, and I thank whoever has read my articles. So long, everyone. I wish you the best. For the last time ever; I’m Kaitlyn Krakowski, and I thank you all for coming to my TED Talk.