Why Fortnite Is Bad

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Hello today i’m going to be talking about why Fortnite it bad, the reason why I am saying this is because kids are addicted to it. It’s not as bad as it used to be, like last year it was horrible. Many kids that were addicted to it got less sleep and got bad grades. The reason why i’m saying less sleep is because kids stay up till late to play, which gives them less sleep, which means less focus which leads to bad grades.

It’s also less attention to the real would not really do anything them stay in their room and play this game. Now i’m not saying that this game should be gone but i’m saying that kids should spent less time on it so they can do other stuff with their day, like studying, doing homework, or other stuff.

There is another thing that Fortnite effects, the kids parents. they don’t pay attention. I promise you that 99.9 of the parents, if you any parent that has a kid that plays Fortnite I promise you will hear something horrible about it. And its bad energy, a person that plays fortnite a lot and I mean a lot usually has a bad mood. Which is really bad for their social life. Being negative to other kids or teachers just because a game isn’t good. Obviously you can still play the game just be more open to other stuff. A way to play less Fortnite you can do so many things like have a time limit. Like maybe 2-3 hours a day, and maybe less.

But Fortnite isn’t everything bad, I mean its kind of fun actually, but just try to have a time limit. Its also a good way to make friends sometimes, and you can interact with your friends when you play a game together. But also kids that are little like around 9 and younger play it which is really bad, because there is a lot of guns in the game, which teaches young kids that its okay to do that, for example the website: https://wezift.com/parent-portal/blog/should-parents-let-kids-play-the-fortnite-battle-royale-game/, it said this about Fortnite,”Fortnite is rated Teen for users aged 12 and older in iTunes.”

Fortnite is also a very addicting game, so addicting that its the level of its hard for them to not play. Im not saying that its all the kids that play Fortnite, but it’s a lot of them. So you can probably see why i’m saying that Fortnite is bad. And that kids should start playing it less. And I hope I helped you realize how bad it is if your addicted to the game, so I hope you have realized that the game is addicting and that you should stop playing so much, and again i’m not saying this to everybody, but I am telling this to all the kids so the understand that Fortnite is pretty bad. So please play less of this game and do other stuff then just stay inside doing nothing but Fortnite.

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