Why we need more Block Schedule

Reasons to have more days of block schedule.

The block schedule is over now, and we need more days like this. The reason being is that we have longer to complete our work, and technically, we get a break from work after one period. The only downside is you are stuck to one class for the duration of two periods.

The differences are just that. Some block schedule days will be on periods one, three, and five, and others will be on periods two, four, and six. This means you have one period for the duration of two, then nutrition, then the next period for the duration of two more periods, etc.

The pros are that we can get more done with a block schedule day. It also makes the day seem shorter while learning the same amount of information, the only difference being that it is in different subjects. Block schedule helps students focus more on three subjects a day and they can focus more on one subject at a time. One major reason is that it gives teachers a break from teaching all day by making their break periods longer.

The bad sides include periods that are way too long to make sense. Do we really need 2 hours of PE? Plus people need time to take breaks from non-stop work. Even though we normally work two periods before a break, this time it is all one subject with the same teacher and classmates for two hours. This can get tiring if you do not like the class or your specific group. Another flaw is that teachers who’re break period are not on that day’s block don’t get a break.

After all the cons, there are reasons to have a block schedule on days we are not testing. This helps students focus on three subjects on a day and for more time. It gives teachers longer break periods on the days with their break period and lets them focus on only three or two groups of students a day. Students don’t have to focus on 6 classes and teachers in one day and have an extra day to do their homework. So if the school agrees on having block schedule days during the non-testing time (which they won’t), when do we have a block schedule?

Block schedule will be better on Tuesdays. “But wait! That’s the day we specifically have no block schedule on!” some people are probably saying. That is true, but if we have double periods for 3 subjects, we can get more time out of one subject on Tuesday. One of my teachers wants to teach so much in a day and can’t teach her “core classwork” within a shorter period on Tuesdays. This is the solution to smaller Tuesday periods. Since we only have three classes in one block schedule day, on Tuesday we can have periods 1, 3, and 5, and the next we can have 2, 4, and 6.

These are the reasons to have more block schedule days, and when to have them. They give students and teachers a break from juggling 6 different classes.