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Music’s broad variety has naturally resulted in multiple, overlapping groups of people who enjoy differing types of songs. And although everyone has genres they dislike, as music is subjective, country music has been unfairly represented and criticized by the media. The problem lies in the fact that not enough people are willing to scavenge through the hillbilly trash and find the good country music that our hearts all unconsciously yearn for. If I were to find a cave in Minecraft, explore for a couple of minutes, and then go on to complain about the lack of diamonds, is Minecraft just an inherently bad game? Of course not! Minecraft is irrefutably one of the most creative and heartfelt games ever conceived of. To trash Minecraft’s spirit and success is the equivalent of yelling at someone for not being perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has those days.

In order to consistently and constantly advance in your world, a stable base must be firmly established. If you’re going to find diamonds at all, you can’t be constantly worrying about your hunger bar and rationing your dwindling torches. Food, coal, wood, and other central necessities must be gathered and hoarded early on to last long periods in the mines.

After the catastrophic Second World War, Japan was bombed to the bone and its citizens were bled dry. It quickly rebuilt and rose from its crippled state, however, and the nation enjoys being among the most influential and popular countries. BTS is one of its most well-known bands, and it, along with dozens of other sensual dancers, are bringing Korean culture into the spotlight. The merging of country and other genres of music can best be represented by “Gangnam Style”. “Gangnam Style” is a fantastic country song, and its messages of loving yourself and appreciating a simple, country life spurred on many of the artists we listen to today. It’s up there with the greats.

Hanny Montanny is my ultimate role model. Her smooth, southern drawl flows out of her mouth like molasses when she sings and her complex lyricism inspire me like no other. Her best song, “Party in the U.S.A”, instantly lifts one’s spirit when listened to and has touched many of our Confederate hearts. Her beautiful and soulful praise for the Klan ideals has made it a Texan classic, and I can’t help but tear up as it plays during the cross burning. My fellow members and I take off our hoods as a sign of respect when we hear it, and you can be rest assured that its lyrics will be whipped into my children until they can recall it by memory.

At the end of the day, country is still full of the wonderful songs that we’ve all come to know and love. The liberals of today’s weak America will never succeed in their mission to destroy the southern pride that has burned for so long. For they may plan with the devil, but light will always defeat darkness. And when they get close, my brothers and I will rise out the ashes and start anew. Thanks for reading. May our slaves work until the end of time.