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This Elective has taught my a lot of things. Like how to write an article so it is not all out of place and funky. Over time you teach yourself how to write a good article. Fun Fact: I have never written an article with two people. And a lot of the time you try to think of an article you can’t think of one. But that is more at the end of the year because you have already used up a lot of your idea’s. But then your parents give you an option. And you say that you couldn’t type 500 words on that topic. But then they give you more and you don’t like any of their options. So you do the article and you are finished in two days. And you think to yourself, “I finished that so quick”.

At the beginning of me writing articles the were a little out of place. I would talk about one thing then move to another thing in one sentence. Like right now how I am talking about a non-important topic for three or more sentences. I learned just to take a second to think and not just type. Next, I would just say random things to get done with my articles. They would be all weird things off topic. Example: If I am writing a story about someone’s life I would talk about how another city was different than his or her’s. I wrote a story for History and I would talk about how a kid lived in four or five sentences. Then I would move to how he would get his food. And then the story would be going to fast.

But then I realized that you need to think to write a good story. I would also turn in my articles with a lot of misspelled words. And I would have to go and spell the words that were misspelled and spell them correctly. And I learned how to take my time and read the sentence over. Then I would never show you an article with a misspelled word in it. And I would put ad instead of as because the d is the next key over from s. I would also type in words that weren’t suppose to be were they were. But, for the last two things I have been talking about I figured out how to perfect this by knowing were the keys are on the keyboard.

And from all this typing I learned a lot of new words because I teach them to myself while typing for a whole semester. And now since I know where all of the keys are I can type an article a lot faster because of my typing skills. And all of this writing is going to help me out through out all my years of school. when I get to high school, when I have a writing assignment to do I will already know what to do. And from then I will learn more words and make my articles better.

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