Rating my friends

So I’m going to rate my friends, but I’m going to use code names so if any of them read this they won’t get mad at me. I don’t know where I got these names they just came to mind when I was thinking about code names.


I met this person in journalism. At first I didn’t think we would be as good as of friends if I didn’t actually talk to her. I want to be like her. She always wears very vintage stuff. And she I very very smart. I going to miss her next year because she is going to boarding school. When i first saw her I honestly thought she was emo. But as I got to know her more I realized she wasn’t anywhere near emo. The only reason why I thought she was emo was because of what she was wearing and she had a lot of eye liner on her eyes. She is never ever annoying until she thinks she is sad and I ask her if she is okay and she looks at me and just looks at me weird. So she doesn’t even answer my question. I’m obviously worried about her because I don’t want her to get sick.


So here’s the most dramatic person. He can be very, very annoying to the point where I wanna stop being his friend. Every day he wears a load of makeup and tries to be as girly as he can be but it doesn’t really that way. So my whole friend group makes fun of him when he’s not here one day. He also says the most weird stuff out there. And when I say weird I mean WEIRD. But I must say he can be the funniest person ever. When I first came into journalism I thought he was a crazy person. He’s in eighth grade. So when I came into class he was siting at the eighth grade table. Then one day he started to sit with me and my friend. So ever since then he never sat at the eighth grade table again.


I met this person in History this year. I knew this girl of social media but never really cared to talk to her in person. When I first met her in History it was after a field trip and she had nobody to sit with so I called her over and we talked. I was a little weird at first because I didn’t really know her. Now this I’ve known her since the beginning of this year I am really happy that I’m her friend because she means so much to me. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is the most honest person I know.  I’m not sure if she is going to go to Hale next year but I have her number so I will definitely be talking to her over text. Maybe just not in person. I’m so excited to see what the future brings us because I’m pretty sure that I will be hanging out with her more and more.