Brawl Stars Strategy part 13: CROW and SPIKE

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These next tier is the highest tier. It is called the legendary tier. Almost all of the brawlers of this tier is extremely overpowered. These brawlers have the strongest presence in all of brawl stars. They give off a don’t touch me or you will regret it kind of vibe. As a main user of the strongest of the three legendary’s, I can tell you that the power you feel when playing a legendary is insane. My friends hate me for using LEON, the man, the myth, the legend. When the game was released globally Leon was invincible, Spike was annoying, and Crow was lethal.

Let us start off with the most underrated legendary; Crow. Crow is very easily underestimated. This is because of his low health. Crow has only 2400 health. To compensate for this crow can run like the flash. Chasing him is just the most counterproductive thing in the whole game. Chasing him causes you to lose time, die, and on top of that… you give him his ultimate. At any second crow can come flying towards you and if they are good at him they can easily kill you without even breaking a sweat. Crow is a brawler that you really need to put time and practice into because of his high skill cap. Crow’s poison is what distinguishes crow as a unique brawler. Crow shoots out three daggers in a cone that do 300 damage each. Hitting  someone inflicts poison doing damage over time. One of the greatest feelings in brawl stars is when you hit someone at low health and you just watch your poison do it’s damage. Crow’s super is what makes Crow a legendary. When activated he jumps and flies to a location. This is very similar to Piper’s ultimate. A ring of damage ejects from his person on take-off and landing. Landing directly in the center of an enemy’s player model can do an insane amount of burst damage. Be careful who you land on and pick your prey. Prefer to pick on tanky brawler’s like Bull but, never fly onto them because you will die due to your low health. It is best to slowly wither down their health from afar. Crow’s Star power is Extra Toxic. Crow’s poison spas the strength of enemies, who deal 10% less damage while poisoned.

How do I even get started on spike. He (or she… it is still undetermined) is super cute. spike is a tiny little cactus boy that throws cactus’ that explode into 6 spikes. He throws a small cactus that dies 480 damage. This sounds so underwhelming but imagine getting hit head on with the cactus itself. It will deal 480 damage times 3 because of the other tiny little spikes that apparently do the same damage. There is a set patter to what direction these spikes shoot so this makes it easy to manipulate this ability in order to get targets around and even behind walls. For spikes ultimate he shoots a thorny grenade turning that area into thorny and painful ground. When inside the radius you get slowed and take 400 damage per second. His star power is called Fertilize and it allows you to heal for 500 health per second when in the radius.

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