The Bubbles: Part 2

I hear a huge clunking sound as the door (or whatever those huge closing metal things are) I fall to the ground as the bubble pops. “Ow,” I say rubbing my knees that I fell on. “Theo?”

“I’m here!” I hear Theo’s voice to my left. I start to crawl towards the sound in the pitch black. I reach out my hand.

“Ow!” he says.

“Sorry.” A light flashes on, and a purple creature (that looked similar to a human) in a hazmat suit shines a light on us.

“Captain we got two more down here, I’ll give the signal when we’re in the ship,” says the woman

“Who are you and why are you taking us!” shouts Theo at the woman. She proceeds to ignore him and take us through a normal looking door.

Once we get inside, the woman lets us go and talks into her radio once more, “Ok, we’re good for take off.”

“No we aren’t good for take off! Let us go-”

“Ma’am, sir, can you please sit down and attach the seat belt to the seat. Take off might be hard to stand first time around,” says the woman interrupting Theo.

She takes off the hazmat suit and sits down in and walks towards the front of the “ship”. We do as we were told and sit in the seats closest to us. A loud speaker says, “Preparing for take off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” Like on a rollercoaster, my body tenses up as we surge forward. That’s when I realize that what was a black screen with many white dots was actually space.

Oh my god.

We’re in space.

I join Theo and start to scream. We finally come to a stop and in front of us is what looks like Saturn.

This had to be a dream, no one has ever seen Saturn in person before. This had to be some sort of realistic picture on a screen, this couldn’t be a window to space. What was I thinking? All I have to do is pinch myself and then I’ll be fine. I’ll wake up and go to school and all will be fine.

I close my eyes and pinch my arm.

When I open my eyes nothing had changed, only that we were a little bit closer to the planet. I close my eyes again and slap myself in the face. I wait a second or two. But I hear the loud speaker say, “We have now arrived home base, you may un-attach you safety belts and stand. If you are new to space travel please remain seated.”

My eyes shoot open. I look at Theo, and he looks just as shocked. I watch him stare at the… window. And after a full thirty seconds, he smiles. He lifts up his head trying to see past the many seats in front of us. “This is literally the coolest thing that has ever happened in my entire life!” I laughs. Shocked, my mouth is left hanging open, jaw on the ground one might say.

I can’t believe this is his reaction by being kidnapped and taken to “home base” as the loud speaker said. I don’t think he realizes that he might never see his friends and family ever again. Unless they were also taken. But still, this isn’t a good thing. If he were a normal person, he would be on the verge of crying.

Like me.

But he’s not normal… he’s Theo. I laugh and stare at the view.