The life of Ace

Once there was a boy named Richard who was very nice and has been begging his parents for a dog since he was four years old. Richard is almost turning eight and decided that he wanted to get a dog for his eighth birthday. His parents agreed and drove for two hours until they stopped at a pet shop. It was a big pet shop and had lots of customers every single day buying the most active and aggressive dog but Richard was looking for a slightly active dog who is not aggressive at all and was nice to guests.

They walked into the shop and saw all kinds of dogs but Richard was looking for a certain type of dog. He was looking for a mix of a Labrador and a golden retriever. They finally saw the cage of where all those types of dogs were. They saw all super active dogs that were biting each other and there was one in the corner sleeping. Richard decided that he would get that dog. The worker walked into the cage and picked up the dog in the corner who was still sleeping. It was a puppy and was very small.

Richard picked it up and bought it for two hundred dollars. They took the dog home prepared with a big bed, pounds of food, loads of water , and tons of toys. They put the dog in his bed and the dog woke up all of a sudden. The dog was smiling and jumping around and licking the people that bought him. It seemed like the dog hated being in a cage for so long with biting, aggressive dogs. The dog started biting his toys and running in circles. Richard thought he was the best one in the cage and decided to call the dog Ace.

The next day they made a collar with Ace on it and Richards phone number in case he got lost. Ace loved it and looked at all of his stuff and yawned from a long day. Ace went to sleep smiling and finally got the things he always wanted, To have space and be free. The next day Richard took Ace on a walk and Ace was running around barking at other dogs and sprinting across the street and pooping on peoples yards. The only time he ever bit anything was when he was nibbling on his toys at home.

Richard would pet his dog every single day before going to school. Richard brought a treat for Ace every day after coming home from school until one day Richard did not come home because he was sleeping over at his friends house so Ace was sad but the next day Richard brought back two big toys for Ace and said sorry for ten minutes until  Ace started smiling again. After one year Richard was turning nine and went to celebrate at a pizza restaurant and Ace was given a treat cake to celebrate being their pet for one entire year.