What happened when I did the “spicy noodle challenge”

I honestly don’t know what to write about anymore. I do like journalism but I’m so excited for summer and not having to think about what to write about every week.  Anyways that has nothing to do with the topic. This article is going to be about the first time I tried “spicy noodles.” Let’s just get into the story.

Before I tried the “spicy noodles” I had been wanting to try them so I was excited when I saw them at the store. My friend and I had been talking about how she also wanted to try them so when I saw them at the store I called her and I was like I’m buying these and coming to your house and we are trying them. She said that she was excited to try them so I got them and I couldn’t wait till I got to her house to try them so I tried them before. When I tried them I actually thought that they were really spicy. Usually, I’m good with spicy stuff but this time I was not good with it. I don’t want to exaggerate but I probably could have died. My brother also tried them with me and he is the best with spicy something I have never heard him say that something was spicy. This was the first time I actually heard him say something was spicy.

Even though I was literally dying I started laughing so hard when I saw my brother because he was like chugging water which I’m pretty sure makes it worse but whatever. Also, this is kind of off topic but milk is absolutely disgusting, like I know its the main drink that will help calm down the spiciness but it’s gross and I hate drinking milk.

Now I’m going to talk about the time I first tried noodle with my best friend ( the one who I was originally going to try them with) So when I brought them to her house she was scared and so was I even though I had tried the day before I still knew that they were really spicy and knew that my friend was going to die. Even though she’s really good with spicy stuff as well. We heated up the water put the noodles in and finally put the sauce in and that’s when I got even more scared. Another thing is that when you first make the noodles with the sauce and everything they actually smell really good and not really that spicy but whatever.

So basically what happened was we tried them and we were doing fine and we were trying to see who could eat more and in the middle of us eating I said a joke and my friend started laughing really hard and her throat started burning I’m honestly not sure what happened but then she just could do it anymore so yeah that was my first times trying spicy noodles stories, hope you enjoyed my suffering.