Pants are cool. They help you keep warm in different types of seasons. They are essential for normal, day-to-day wear, or else you can get into trouble. They help keep wind and debris away from your lower body. Without loose pieces of debris flying at your lower body, your lower body can be safe from scratches and dirt that may get into wounds and infect the wound. The pants also keep your legs warm. The pants can also affect how you are viewed in society’s eyes. With very stylish pants, society will view you higher than any normal person with very run-of-the-mill pants. If you have non-stylish pants that are worn down and are very bad, then society will view you as a person who has bad style and won’t ever look at you. Pants are a staple of fashion and how you are viewed and placed in society.

The Invisible Pants

These are the best type of pants that are to exist. These pants are so cool because they are invisible. They act like normal pants with a decent design. However, these pants have another function. Anyone who sees these pants is obligated to say that the person is not wearing pants. Anyone found doing otherwise will be publicly shamed and will be executed. It is a public obligation for everyone in society to go talk to the person and ask them where their pants are. If you are the person who is wearing the pants, then you must be physically and mentally ready for the tremendous amounts of ” Where are your pants?” When you decide to wear these pants, you must be ready to burden the responsibility of the majestic pants. These pants have been burdened with the prophecy of being asked the important question. Once the person has decided to take this burden and wear the pants, their life will never be the same. The power of these pants, if placed in the wrong hands, will destroy the entire universe. With the knowledge of the powers of these pants, the person needs to be regulated by government officials, like the FBI or the CIA.

The Cool Kid Pants

These pants are for the intellectually supreme. They radiate power and are only for the ruling class. Mere mortals can not comprehend the amount of power this one article of clothing holds. The power that these pants hold is so immense that they automatically turn the user into a powerful being, able to change the very fabric of space and time. They will be so powerful that they will be able to alter the very universe itself. If any mere mortal wears these pants, they will be burnt with the power of a thousand suns, their body not being able to take the sheer power and magnificence of the pants. Their puny bodies are not able to handle the power to take the power to alter the very fabric of the entire universe. No mortal has ever been seen to wear these pants the picture above is only a recreation of what people believe what the pants look like.