Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball is the first series in the Dragon Ball series, that’s why it’s just called Dragon Ball, and not “Dragon Ball something something.” The series Dragon Ball is about the young super hero/ Saiyan, Goku. As a kid he doesn’t know much about anything, because his “grandpa” Gohan never really taught him much, due to him randomly disappearing in the first episode. We don’t know much about Goku or Gohan, but that Goku is a Saiyan, a human/monkey like species from space. Goku in the beginning thinks that he is human, yet he can do things that humans can’t, and he doesn’t realize that. Goku also has a tail, and he thinks that he is still human, kind of weird. What the tail does is that when you stare at a full moon, then you become a “Great Ape.” A great ape is what they call the transformation that takes place when a Saiyan stares at a moon for too long. They turn into a giant ape, and destroy everything. Later on in the show Goku ends up having it cut off, so he can’t go great ape.

Later on (Dragon Ball Z), we find out that Goku really just lost his memory, because Goku hit his head on something after a long fall. Later on in the show he finds a man named Roshe the Turtle Hermit. He met Roshe because on his adventures he found a turtle, and he took the turtle to the sea, where the turtle found Roshe, and brought him back to shore. Roshe ends up becoming Goku’s teacher and trains him in the martial arts. He starts going by Master Roshe, but Goku also meets another person that Roshe will train, named Krillin. Krillin and Roshe stay in the show until Dragon Ball Super, and if the show keeps going, they will most likely stay in every series created for Dragon Ball. Master Roshe is always training Goku and Krillin really hard, but Krillin and Goku become great friends.

Goku and his friends later reunite to defeat the fortuneteller Baba and her friends, in order to get the last Dragon Ball so Goku can revive one of his friends. Sometimes I wonder about how strong Goku can really be, in Dragon Ball, he isn’t that strong, obviously, because it’s only the first series, so he’s got time to grow his power, so he isn’t too strong in Dragon Ball. The whole series is also about Goku collecting the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls are wish orbs. These wish orbs can grant any wish that you want the mighty dragon Shenron to grant. There are some restrictions for wishes but there are still lots of things you can wish for, including bringing back the dead. There are seven Dragon Balls that are scattered around, once you gather all 7 then you can summon the mighty Shenron to grant your wish. The whole Dragon Ball series is very cool I’m still waiting to see how Dragon Ball Super turns out, with the next 20 episodes, until the end of the series, so I’m really excited.

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