The boy and the super shoes

Once there was a kid named Joe who was always playing basketball at his school but he was always being made fun of because he was not so good at it. Everyday he would go back to his foster home and practice his three pointers and he was improving but there was always somebody better at his foster home named Robert. Robert would always take the ball from Joe and make it on his first try. Robert always wore the same shoes even if he was asleep. Joe wondered how Robert never missed a shot even if he shot backwards without looking.

Joe thought that those shoes gave him powers to make every shot. Joe took them off of Robert’s feet and colored them to make them look different. The next morning Robert ran into Joe’s room screaming and wondering where his shoes went and was very mad. Robert ran outside and shot and missed. Joe knew it. Robert was only good at basketball because he had shoes that make him never miss a shot. Joe went outside and shot the ball and made the first shot from full court. Joe ran inside and challenged everybody he could to a game of basketball and never missed.

Joe went to school later that day and was pushed and bullied by the other kids. Joe challenged all of them to a one versus one and beat everybody that tried beating him. Joe was also able to have great control with he ball and was able to cross his bullies. He laughed at them and ran away. Joe was so good that he decided he would go to a professional NBA players house and ask him to lay a one versus one at his court. The pro said yes and was crossed and shot on and lost every game.

The professionals name was Damian Lilliard. Damian was amazing at basketball and could normally beat everybody that ever stepped foot on his court but lost to an eleven year old boy. Damian contacted his basketball coach to tell him about the boy and the coach rushed to Damian’s house and saw Joe play and shoot.  The coach was amazed and wanted to contract Joe into the Portland Trailblazers to play with Damian and it was a two year contract so Joe had to make sure that he could not break or lose his shoes.

Joe went to the NBA and did not like it. He thought it would be cooler but Joe has never felt more pressure in his life. He also could barely hear his coach because of how loud the Stadium was. Joe was making shots all game but was soon fired from the NBA due to being too young. Joe went back to his normal life and made eighty thousand dollars for playing one game and made his foster home a lot nicer than it used to be. He remodeled it and was adopted soon later. Joe realized that life is just a gift that can become special very quickly.