All alone

There was once a man name Bob. Bob was eleven years old and his social skill weren’t too advanced. Bob is very smart on the other side. He is not to strong and doesn’t play to many sports but one athletic activity he is superialy advanced at is running. He is a very fast runner and he doesn’t want to display his talent on the team. Instead he uses it to get home because his Dad doesn’t have the time to take him and his mom is always working. This would not be such a big problem if he didn’t live forty minutes away from school.

One day he was working on a project with a group that the teacher assigned. The project was due a day after it was assigned and there group didn’t finish on the time so they decided to meat up after school at someone who live on the other side that Bob lives at. Sice Bob cared about his grade so much he had to go there. By the time he finished his project it was already seven so he rushed to his house as fast as he can but he tripped on a sprinkler and fell and hit his face.

He started bleeding wildey and couldn’t get up, a driver from the side road saw what happened and didn’t even offer but picked him up and instantly took him to the hospital. When he got to the hospital they asked him if he had insurance but Bob doesn’t spend anytime with his family that he didn’t even know especially that there at a point where there lacking money. He didn’t know any information about his parents so they couldn’t contact them to let them know that this incident has occurred. He also didn’t have a phone.

The man that picked him up on the side of the road offered to pay for his medical bills. The procedure started and Boob was nervous because this was the first time he has been in this type of situation. After the process ended Bob left the emergency room with stitches and a lollipop. Bob was super thankful for the man that helped him.

Bob said bye to the person and headed towards the door. The guy instantly stopped him and said, ” Hey little buddy where are you going.” He responded with, ” I’m walking home, what.” The man was shocked after all that happened to this kid he is still willing to walk home. The kid saw the mans face and said, “It’s not like I’m running” The man said, “No way I’m letting you walk home and asked him to pass him his bag” They got in the car and he took him to his house. When he got there was no one there so he went from the back because he doesn’t have a spare key. When he got home he put his backpack down opened it to get his water bottle and found a note with twenty dollars inside.