My Year at Hale

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My 7th year at Hale was great. But, I didn’t get to go on any field trips. A lot of my friends were bragging that they got to go a lot of field trips, and I didn’t get to go on any. In school at nutrition and lunch I also get to hang out with my friends. And after the two ours were in each period it is relaxing. And in between each period we get to talk to our friends and get to our classes in 6 minutes. And that is also great.

One period is hard for me, and that is Mathematics. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand because I need one on one, so I learn easier. I even have a tutor to help me two times a week. I have a C in the class and my tutor already got my C to a higher C. And I am so happy about that. I really care about my school work. But sometimes I love to play a lot. So I’m not allowed video games or friend on the school weeks. I think that is fair because I have been really determined to do a lot of work. Sometimes I forget to turn something in and I don’t get a good grade on it. And then I get mad at myself.

I get to play video games on the weekend, but thats it. I like that, so I do focus one my school work. For high school I am going to Chaminade. I am excited for that because I will get good education there. And I will be ready for Collage. my sister goes there and she says she really likes it. I am trying to get all of grades up in school too. Because I have been slacking on some school work. Next year I have A goal to set to try to get A’s and B’s on my report card. My Mom and Dad have been saying that I have been doing really good in school because I have been doing a lot of work. Like article is my second one this week, so I can finish all of them for the rest of the year.

My Mom does NOT like when I get bad grades. But then she says, “Do better next year”. Then I get all sad. And she might not let me play video games for a week or so…

I don’t like that either, so then I’m mad at her for the rest of the day. But I know that she is always right. Then the year goes on, and repeats everyday. Then it gets closer to the last month of school. Then there is testing. I don’t like testing because it takes a long time. And we have block schedule. And it is really hard. Next year I will have to also do History testing. Because all we do in 7th grade is Math and English. School is very educational.

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