Amazing Inventions Part 2

In my last article I wrote about a couple of great inventions that you probably didn’t know about. Well, I am going to talk about a lot more in this article. I would totally recommend people to try all of these inventions. You never know, they might save you from a lot of trouble. Also, they are very cheap, so it will not be a waste of your money. You won’t have to worry about spending money on things you aren’t sure are worth it.

One invention that might blow your mind is a flask tie. A flask tie might look like a normal tie, but it’s not. It’s a tie that you can fill up with any liquid. It also has a hidden plastic straw that you could drink from. If you ever feel dehydrated and need a drink, you can always drink from your tie. Apart from being able to drink anything whenever you want, you can also look fabulous and stylish at work.

Aren’t babies adorable? Many people think that babies are useless and can’t do anything. Well, I mean after all they are babies. However, this next invention might help keep your house clean. Babies love to roll around the floor all the time. A baby mop gives your baby a job without them knowing. You can simply dress your baby in a baby mop and let him or her roll around the floor. This way your baby can help you clean the house. It’s a win-win situation in which your baby can have fun, and you can spend less time cleaning. In case you still don’t know what a baby mop is, it’s basically a baby onesie with some mop material attached to it. So anywhere your baby goes I’ll be clean. In my opinion, this is a really smart and time saving product.

We all have days where we feel lonely, or sad. We all go through difficult times, and during this times a hug would really help. The problem is that when people give you hugs it usually lasts for about ten seconds or maybe fifteen seconds. However, this next product will allow you to hug or feel hugged as long as you want. It’s a hug me pillow! Whenever you need a hug, just hug your pillow. This amazing pillow comes in the shape of a body with its arm open and ready for a hug. I would absolutely buy this to keep me company and receive free hugs whenever I need them.

Working out is super healthy and good for you, yet many people don’t do it. I don’t blame them because I know that it’s hard to keep working out everyday and make it a habit. What if I told you that you don’t need to work out at all, or move a single muscle to get a six pack? It’s super easy all you have to do is buy the Ab Hancer. If you use this you will get abs in seconds. This way anytime you want to go to the beach you can impress anyone with your amazing abs. This product is basically an abs frame that presses onto your skin, and give you marks that look like abs. If I were you I would try all of these products.