Why AAA Games Launch with More and More Content

Do we really need all the extra features that AAA games release with?

Why are most AAA games launching with more and more content? It used to be a AAA big budget game launched with the base gameplay, some story, and a multiplayer mode for those who find it necessary to troll others. Now, games release with complex mechanics, a big skill tree, leveling, crafting, and a bunch of stuff that seem thrown in there. I doubt Breath of the Wild needed mining.

Games are releasing with more content, most of which are accepted by fans as just another part of the game/game series now. Some people, like me, have begun to wonder why there are features in games. Stuff like the weird mining system in Breath of the Wild. The game has little to no need for this.

The easy answer is that games keep adding more content, so other games need to release with more stuff and better graphics, which leads to more games trying to keep up and add more and more content. Studios have to keep up by releasing each game with more content. Most of this extra content is pointless features like Assassin’s Creed tower defense or items most people will never use.

The gamers keep demanding more stuff in games because now, an 8 or 7-hour experience is not enough. If you check statistics for modern AAA games, the 100% completion time (time to do absolutely everything in the game) is around 300 or so hours. One thing a company can do and some are doing this, have many studios make a bunch of small games so you can have many releases in a year. They all might not be that good, but seeing as some games that have been developed for a year still have big bugs, that is a risk with all games.

DLC (downloadable content) is also being pushed more, games release less often, so companies have to squeeze as much cash out of every game they can. DLC used to only be for successful games, but now games are releasing on day one with DLC before the developer knows if people play it or not. The more it costs to make games, the more developers have to push to make money.

DLC will keep increasing, along with the quality of games. This is partly the consumers’ fault for expecting more and more quality, but also mostly the developers rushing for more money from each game. This will likely increase as consoles get higher graphics, other companies keep raising the bar. Now, this is impossible to stop because no company will downgrade or purposefully not get better.

Updates on existing games won’t hurt anybody right? This is 99% wrong! For one, people don’t want to waste time updating to see pointless mechanics in the game that nobody asked for. Second, it breaks mods. Sure, mods are unofficial and get a lot of disrespect for mostly being “cringey meme mods”, but if a game supports mods, nobody wants the developer to break all their mods with an update that added a feature that only the developer thought was a good idea.

The outcry about Starbound 1.4 version was so big the developers had to cancel the new update. The reason being was that update with new content would change item ID’s and mess up a lot of mods, breaking many mods for a pointless bounty hunting feature that, again, nobody asked for or wanted.

The content increase might be annoying, but those that don’t want to deal with it don’t have to. Ignore all the stuff you don’t want to unless of course, it’s mandatory to progress. A simple solution to a simple problem.