Hard Work Pays Off

I wanted a new pair of headphones because my other ones broke. My friend had these really nice headphones from a company called HyperX. So, I wanted a pair. My headphones are a generation higher than his. So there was a big trenched dug in my backyard. So first, I had to dig all this dirt into the trench first. And this trench is about 18 feet long and four feet deep. I had a little bit of help but I did a lot of it. So he said he would do it, so I would have to do something else to get the headphones.

But, that day it rained. So, when I got home from school I was so happy I could do it. They next morning, I started to do the work with a shovel and gloves. It wasn’t that hard of work but it was a lot. It took a lot longer that I thought it would. In the middle of my work My cousin came to help me. We both filled about half of the hole, but there was still a lot more to do. We also sprayed a little bit of water to compact it. I had to stop because I had a baseball game at 12 o’clock. I played a little bit of Fortnite. I had to get ready and go to the field.

My game was so close. And we couldn’t looe this game because we are in first place. So the Umpire was really bad. He would call strike that we high, low, and all around. My first time at bat he called a strike. After the strike he said, “Why did I even call that a strike, it wasn’t even a strike”. I got a little mad at the fact that he said that. Then the next one was low also.

So, the game went on and the came back to tie with three runs. It was bases loaded and we got the third out. The Umpire just didn’t want to call strikes for us. When we came up I was up with two strikes. He threw the ball in the dirt and the runner from third base score a run. And we won the game.

When I got home from the game I had to go a birthday party in Westlake. There were a lot of adults. We play hide and go seek and boater ball. That was about it. I woke up the next morning and did work. I washed my Mom’s and Dad’s car forMother Day. Then I went to work again on the trench. I dug all the dirt in the trench. My Dad also helped me. We hosed it down then we were done. I ordered my headphones and then I saw that they were coming tomorrow at 9pm. I went to school and new that had  had to go to my others Dad’s house. But then I got a text saying that I was sleeping At my Mom’s house. I got to see my headphones. I Walked home with my friends then went to my house. I opened the package and three they were. I wore them for the rest of the day.