Brawl Stars Strategy part 12: Gene and Tara

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These next two brawlers wrap up the last of the mythic brawlers. These next two brawlers are very good at gem grab because of their ultimate’s. These two brawlers have game changing ultimate’s but very low one versus one potential.

Gene is the sneaky game changer of gem grab. He is a genie that shoots a solid ball of magical smoke from his teacup dealing 1150 damage. If his attack does not hit a target or an obstacle it will explode into tiny little pieces and deal damage in a cone. Gene has an annoying attack because he can manipulate this so that you can his someone from behind a wall. Chipping off someone’s health is important in gem grab because it deny’s them of the ability to heal therefore giving you control of the middle. If for some random reason you are not able to take control of middle, your have your trusty magic hand that can go through walls and grab anyone and drag them to your location destroying anything on its way back. Although this doesn’t do any damage this ultimate is so annoying. You could be winning the whole game and then you just see a giant hand flying towards your gem carrier. The hand has an extremely long distance. This ultimate can turn the game from 10-o to 0-10 really quickly. If you are play as gene make sure, to the best of your ability, land every single magic hand. This eliminates the need to grab gems. Just allow your enemies to grab the gems for you and then pull them to where your teammates can help you kill them quickly. Gene is an average brawler when it comes to health. He isn’t that tanky but he isn’t squishy either. His star power allows him to heal allies around him over time.

Tara is the type of brawler you could 3 v 1 and still lose. Tara is the TEAM FIGHT QUEEN. She excels in team fights because of every aspect. Tara runs really fast making her very slippery. Also her attacks pierce/go through enemies. Her ultimate is easily the best ultimate in the game. No matter how many enemies you have as long as they are clumped together you have already won if you have your ultimate. Her ultimate summons a GIGANTIC black hold that sucks everyone affected in the center. Eventually it blows up dealing damage and knocking enemies up for a brief moment. Not only that but if you have her star power a “shadow” Tara will come out of the black hole. You might not understand but, the worst feeling is when you are retreating with 10 gems and you see a black hole come out of the ground and you are at the edge of the radius and shouting as you leave the game and play something else. Tara shoots three cards in a triangle formation. Each card does 380 damage and her super does 800 damage. Though Tara is strong she is squishy with 3200 health.  Using your ultimate can easily make you the M.V.P. or the laughing stock of the game. Dragging strong brawlers to you can get you killed.

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