Fortnite Season 9 Initial Thoughts

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With Season 9 coming out on Thursday, I felt I should give my initial thoughts on it.

Battle Pass

Season 9 has a futuristic theme. This makes the skins are very different than other battle passes. Here’s the skins from it: Rox  (a K-Pop girl that becomes a superhero that features unlockable styles), Sentinel  (a robot that is either good or evil that features unlockable styles), Bunker Jonesy (a version of the default skin that looks like he has been in shelter for many years), Vega (a bounty hunter that features unlockable styles), Stratus (the tracker of the storm), Demi (a gamer that also is an assassin), and Vendetta (a super villain enemy to Rox that features unlockable styles). These skins reflect the theme and are very cool.

Weapons and Items

Fortnite has made a mistake, in many’s eyes, by removing the Pump Shotgun. This gun has been in the game since day 1 and was very balanced and fun to use. So it is weird that it is the one weapon to get removed. The pump then has been replaced with a new gun, the Combat Shotgun. It is okay, but not the classic pump. I have been playing for over a year now and have been with the pump for a while and now am saying goodbye to a classic. I feel it was the right choice to keep the game fresh with new weapons. But many disagree and want it back. This is causing a bit of disagreement in the community but is not gonna make this season suck.


The Fortnite map has changed many time over the seasons. This season is no exception with new locations: Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, and Pressure Plant. These replacing Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and the Volcano respectively. This is a great change updating the map to make it feel like we are in the future. There are also minor changes like the Pirate Camps that took over some houses were taken down and removed. The map feels very clean and better than ever.


There are some new features to the game as well. The most notable is the Slipstream. The Slipstream is a wind tunnel that wraps around the map and allows for flight when inside. These help so much with easy rotation around the map and gives a fun new way to play Fortnite. Another one of the features is the new Floating Platforms. There are multiple scattered around the map and have chests inside. There are wind tunnels that go up and down so you don’t take damage getting down.


I feel this season is starting out pretty strong. The battle pass is great, the map is awesome, the Slipstreams are so fun, but the Pump fiasco was a good choice but is very weird because everyone loved the pump. However, I feel over time the community will grow used to the Combat Shotgun and forget about the pump. Until then we should just ignore the whining and play some good ‘ol Fortnite.

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