My First All-Star Weekend

I recently got accepted into my all-star team. I made it on the silver team not the Gold team but I was very close to making it onto the Gold team. Here is my pre-game routine. Before every game I always get Jamba Juice. In the car I will listen to my pump up music. My parents hate the music I listen to for my pump up music because it’s all rap songs. During my warm up before the game we always do throwing a bating so were all ready for what the game brings us. It was my first time up to bat. I wasn’t nervous about anything because the pitcher wasn’t fast at all. It was a good thing I wasn’t nervous, because when I’m nervous I tend not to hit the ball. But sense I wasn’t nervous I hit my first triple of all-stars. I was really happy with myself and so was my coach. To top it all off I made it home. After that it was a good game.

At the end of every game the coaches from both teams hand out a spirit award to one specific girl on the team. When we all got together at the end of the game the coach from the other team started to compliment our team. She told me great job on catching. The thing is, I didn’t catch at all that game my friend did. I was just wearing my gear because I was supposed to catch the next inning. ( But there wasn’t another inning ) The first game my friend Alex who is one of our catcher’s and I’m the second catcher. We were all happy for her. Then the next game it didn’t really have a big hit that game but what I did have was an awesome throw down to second base. But the runner was not out. At the end of that game both teams got together in the outfield and gave out awards.

The coach on the other team said this about someone. He said ” So this girl was awesome behind the plate and she is probably the most dirtiest one here.” And can you guess who this person is? It was me. I was not really surprised because he said that she did great behind the plate. Because I was the only catcher in that game. But if he didn’t say that about me I would’ve been totally surprised that it was me. At the end of the game we all went out to eat frozen yogurt. Now that was just Saturday. Here’s Sunday. To start off with Sunday, my dad and I went to Jamba Juice to get a little pump up drink to start my day off. Then we picked up my coach. And yes we got my coach a drink too. On Saturday I only caught half of the game because on my team we have two catchers. So the first catcher caught the first half of the game and I caught the second half of the game. I didn’t have a really big hit that game. But it was still fun.

Overall I really liked my first weekend of all-stars!