Types Of Bread From Around The World

Hello today i’m going to be talking about types of bread that are from all around the world, and the website I used to make this article was:  https://www.oola.com/life-in-flavor/2390731/the-different-types-of-bread-from-around-the-world/

  • Bagel: “This type of bread originated in Jewish communities in Poland back in 1610.” its a round shaped bread and has a hole in the middle and is usually eaten in the morning.
  • Baguette: This bread is from France, and its very unique, it is crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside, and its usually really good with butter.
  • Banana bread: This is from the U.S,”This sweet bread is made from mashed bananas and is incredibly moist, almost like a cake.” I’ve tasted it before and its not bad but its also not good but for me everybody has different taste buds
  • Bread sticks:  I don’t know about you but this sounds like this is something that would come from Italy and it is. Its like a baguette just shorter, softer, and skinnier, and it has seasonings on it its really good and you should really try it.
  • Brown bread: This bread is from Ireland, “Brown bread is made of whole wheat germ, and brown sugar, and can be eaten as part of a traditional Irish breakfast covered with butter and jam.Traditionally, brown bread was favored by the lower class because of its low price.
  • Challah: This came from Israel, and since i’m Jewish I eat this every Friday for Friday dinner. Its really good and fluffy on the inside and soft stale on the outside, but all in all its amazing, and you should really taste it.
  • Corn bread: Now this came from the U.S, and I already new that because of thanksgiving, they usually eat it on thanksgiving, I don’t really eat it on thanksgiving because i’m not really a big fan but its not that bad.
  • Naan bread: This bread is from south Asia. I’ve tasted it before and its actually pretty good but you need sauce with it because its pretty dry, “Naan is a leavened, baked flatbread native to South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.”
  • Pretzel: This one was from Germany, and its really good, and you probably even tasted it. You can take it in many flavors, and its just plain old delicious.
  • Pumpernickel: This one was also from Germany, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted it, but this is what the website said about it Pumpernickel is a heavy, dark and sweet type of rye bread that originated in present-day Germany”
  • Rye bread: This bread is from Europe,”It can be made into many different variations, including flat rye breads, multigrain bread with caraway seeds mixed in or German pumpernickel, and it can be served many different ways in all meals.”
  • Sourdough bread: So the website said that this bread is unknown and that they don’t know were it came from,”Sourdough is made by slowly fermenting the dough naturally with bacteria and yeast, and has a mild sour taste.”

So those are the some breads that I found and were they are from and if you want to know more about breads just go from this website:  https://www.oola.com/life-in-flavor/2390731/the-different-types-of-bread-from-around-the-world/