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It’s too late to embark on a 1,500 word article about the beach boys album or a 10,000 word article about Weezer’s discography. Something I would enjoy writing about. But nah, I’m stuck writing this article at 11:30 PM  and planning to go to sleep at 1:00 AM. Pretty neat, huh? You may ask, “Cameron, why did you procrastinate during the weekend? You could have a chance at writing your other articles and actually finishing”  Well yes and no, I did procrastinate but I did set a time to actually write. But those dates were smashed on Saturday because I had to go to dinner to some crab restaurant. On Sunday, I thought yesterday was mother’s day and set another time to write. But yet again, those dates were shattered by going to a dinner party. And yes, I did buy my mum a cup of flowers for 10 dollars. I was caught off guard by mothers day being today. But I’m happy to see my mum pleased with my flowers. Why I’m talking about my mum’s  flowers? Anything to reach the 500 word mark so I can get back to bed. Because at the moment, I am stuck here writing this stupid article while listening to Mr. Brightside. Just imagine me in my undies typing away in my laptop. Did I burn that image into your head? Good. How many words I have left, 260 more words?

Well another reason I”m writing this article instead of some quick information  piece. Like I said, I don’t want to pull a all nighter writing until 5 AM. There might be grammar mistakes all over the place. But thankfully the publisher has to fix all my mistakes while I get away scott free. Also, hi to Katie and Alex. I don’t know if you two are a duo when it comes to publishing articles. But anything to get pass the 500 word mark. Thankfully, next week’s article will be much easier. As I will just be interviewing people about their experiences in middle school and expectations for high school. I think that will be a fun experience considering some people I’m hoping to interview. Speaking of middle school, drama is something I always eavesdrop on because I’m bored. But most of it is petty crap that people have an overreaction to. I remember some boy talking about how his social life and that his friends now shun him because of some stuff.

But after a few weeks, everything just returns to normal. Another thin, middle school relationships is something I never understand. If it isn’t a serious relationship or just experimenting. I’ll see your point of dating, but if it’s a attempt at a serious relationship. I don’t get it all. I mean, at best, it would only last a couple of months. High school is probably the place to start dating for real love. Because I realize when I asked somebody out and that she rejected, it would probably not work out. Because I realize that I have nothing in common with her and it would probably last a week. It hit me more when I kind of stopped being friends with her. It would have been a toxic relationship. It’s just my perspective, maybe I’m wrong or right. Maybe I’m just some edgy nihilist who doesn’t how to interact or have fun.  But it doesn’t matter in the end, because middle school is going to end in just a month. And I have finally reached the 500 word mark.

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