I watched as the two people fought. The first one, a tall, young woman. She had long brown hair that flows behind her no matter which way the wind was blowing. This was all controlled by her ‘hidden’ power, the power to control and make her own wind. The other fighter was a man with blonde hair and brown eyes. He had the power of superhuman strength. His orange shirt immediately gave away that he was a member of the Pachea.

You see, the Pachea is a group of people who have superpowers. Ironically, the Pachea use their powers to gain power in governments around the world. Their whole purpose is to take over the world. God knows what they’ll do then, but from watching the Pachea murder and torture others, I know that they’ll do nothing good. Their leader is known as The Thief. Nobody knows his real name, but his nickname well suits him. He gains the powers of whoever he touches, permanently stealing it from his victims In the world of magical powers, he perhaps is the most feared person in the superpowered community.

I watched as the man won the fight, and watched as he dragged the woman away. His strength was no match for the woman. I knew right away, that just like every other ‘superpowered’ person the Pachea beat, that her memory will be wiped. That afterwards she’ll be brainwashed into becoming just another member of the Pachea. I want to jump out of my hiding spot to help this poor woman, but if I do so I’ll also be captured. I silently swore that for the rest of my life that I’ll do anything to stop the Pachea from gaining more power.


Where am I?

When I woke up, I was lying on a tiny bed with bright orange sheets. I was in a small room, with absolutely no memory of how I got here. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I could remember anything. Not my birthday. Not the color of my eyes. Heck, I can’t even remember my name.

What happened to me?

I sat up and began to look around my room. The only pieces of furniture where an orange desk and an orange dresser. There were no decorations.

There has to be a mirror around here somewhere.

I stood up, ready to dig through the dresser to look for a mirror. Maybe if I remembered what I look like, I could bring my memories back. But just as my feet touched the ground, an alarm went off.

It beeped for a few seconds before turning off. I sat back down, unsettled, and as I did so my door opened. On the other side there was a man with an orange shirt and a horrifying large smile, “I’m terribly sorry but I’m afraid that you lost your memory in a horrible accident. The Pachea will work to get it back. Until then, I welcome you with all my heart to the Pachea Headquarters!”

Not even a second passed by before another alarm went off. I covered my ears to protect myself from the loud, blaring sound.

The man looked shocked, maybe even frightened, but then he looked over at me and his scared look went away. Something about this man unsettled me.

“I’ll be right…” the man started.

Another person, ran towards us. She seemed to be half the size of a child, but as she grew closer I realized the man was half the size of her.

How is that possible?

I noticed she was holding something similar to a helmet in her left hand. The man stepped in front of me. I noticed something glowing orange in his hand. I took a closer look. It was a fire.

She threw the helmet towards me. I caught it.

“Quick! Put this on!” she yelled to me, “You have to remember. You must. We need you to.”

I looked at the man. Once again he wore a frightened face, “Don’t listen to…”

Right away I knew to trust her more than the man. A decision I’d never regret. I put the helmet over my head. I closed my eyes. The memories came back.

I was standing in a room. Wind blew across my hand. I looked down. My feet were levitating above the concrete. There was another man. I looked at his hand. He held a small, orange fire. I recognized this man as The Thief.

Suddenly it was to much to handle, I took the helmet off, my heart pounding.

She looked at me with a genuine smile, opposite to the man’s, “Come fight with us. Together, with all the other Pachea’s opposers, we could take the Pachea down. Together we are powerful.”