Social Media, Am I Right?

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Social media is a very confusing thing. It started out as nothing and now children and even adults feel that they need it to survive. In our middle school, Hale Charter Academy, Frankie McGrath and me, Florencia Goldenberg, did an experiment. This article is going to be from two people, Frankie and Florencia.

We noticed that in sixth grade, eighty seven people had social media overall and that might sound like a lot but it’s really not. The average of people who have social media is twenty one and seventy five. But the average of the people who don’t in sixth grade is four and twenty five. So you can definitely tell there’s a difference. What we were thinking was that maybe there’s such a difference because some kids don’t even have a phone in that grade. So, we went over to the seventh and eighth graders and surveyed them as well.

The seventh graders, had one hundred thirteen people that had social media overall. The average for social media users was thirty seven and sixty seven. As you can tell, there’s definitely an increase of people using social media compared to the sixth graders. Then the overall number of people who don’t have social media is ten people. And the average is three and thirty three. We think that more kids have social media in seventh grade because they don’t get a huge amount of homework and they have a lot of time on their hands.

Lastly, we surveyed the eighth graders. The overall number of people who have social media is eighty five. Then, the average is twenty eight and thirty three. The overall number of people who don’t have social media is three. The average is one. I think that the average number went down from seventh grade to eighth grade because eighth graders have much more to worry about and don’t have time for social media. Or, they think that social media is too childish.

Then, we decided to survey the classes which social media apps they had. For sixth grade, the overall number for people using instagram is fifty seven and the average is fourteen and twenty five. We then asked who had snapchat and sixty nine people have it and seventeen and twenty five is the average. Lastly, we asked them who had the app Tik Tok. Sixteen people have Tik Tok and the average is four.

We think that so many people have snapchat because it’s kind of a place for kids to be. LIke, the parents don’t really have a risk of getting their children being talked to by strangers with Snapchat. The reason for that is because unless the child adds the person back, that person can’t really text them and dm them. Then for Instagram, there are easier ways for strangers to follow and talk to the children so that’s why I think that not many sixth graders have Instagram.

We then surveyed the seventh graders. The overall number for people who have Instagram is eighty four and the average is eleven and thirty three. For snapchat, overall number is seventy and average is twenty three and thirty three. Lastly, the number for people who have Tik Tok is fifty six and the average is eighteen and sixty seven. I think that more seventh graders have Instagram because it’s a way for people to share their pictures with everyone and to see their friend’s pictures.

Our hypothesis is that kids our age have social media to connect with their friends and share their experiences.

A lot of people that we surveyed said that they have social media because it’s fun! And it’s true! Social media IS fun that’s why so many people have it. I have social media and I think that it’s very fun. It’s fun to look at jokes and memes and it’s just a very fun thing. And it is true that having social media makes children be on their phone more but I don’t think that it has to be a bad thing. I think that if the parents or even the children themselves put a limit of how much time they’re allowed to be on social media, it’ll definitely help.

All though what we just stated is true, many kids our age also abuse social media. For example, some people use it to cyber bully other kids. Kids bully people on social media so they don’t have to do it in person. Some people use social media as an escape from their problems or issues. If a girl sees a picture of another girl on social media, and thinks she is prettier than herself, she might want to make the girl feel the way she does and comment, you look ugly. Other kids our age, specifically boys, abuse social media by sending inappropriate texts or pictures. This is extremely inappropriate and the people who do this shouldn’t have social media.

Social media is a very interesting thing. Even its name is self explanatory. So many people use it because they are drawn to it! Kids our age especially want to use it because people that they look up to use it too. Social media is very, very influential, even though social media comes with many negative aspects, a lot of people our age use it just for sharing their experiences, sharing their lives, and having fun.

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