The Bubbles: Part 1

I walk into the room full of people, the sounds of worry and anger fill my head. Why is this happening? “Everyone just calm down!” says a man in a suit. He stands on the stage with confidence, the people in the room instantly quiet down and he begins to speak. “I know this isn’t exactly convenient, but let’s handle this with peace and patience.” The room, including me, stands there waiting for them to speak.

“We don’t know exactly where your family and friends have disappeared to, but we have a general idea.”

“And where might that exactly be?” says Theo. When I turned my head to see who was talking I almost forgot how to breathe.

I’ve had a crush on Theo for about three months now and don’t know what to make of it. He’s not exactly the ideal person that every girl would fall fo, but something about him makes him different than any other guy I know that just makes me drawn to him.  

“In the ship,” says the man.

“What ship?” a woman yells from the back of the room. People grunt and shout in agreement.

“The ship that dispersed the…” he paused and had a humorless expression. “Bubbles is in the sky taking up about an eighth of Earth. We don’t know who or what is controlling the ship but we are almost one hundred percent sure that the ship is the cause of it. We are sending tanks to try and take it down,” people gasp and comment at his statement.

Theo raises his hand again, “What about the people inside?”

“What about them?” he chuckles.

“If you are ‘taking down’ the ship, meaning you’ll blow it up, won’t the people inside die?”

The man is hesitant with his next few words. “Uh… unfortunately,” he looks worried. Expecting the uproar that is about to take place I would be too. “Yes, the people that have been taken will die with the ship.”

People shout, yell, and scream in rage. I get pushed out of the crowd, people surging forward. “Leslie!” I turn around to see Theo reaching out his hand to be pulled from the rushing crowd. I grab it and pull him out. We run out of City Hall and onto the sidewalk. “Well that was stressful,” Theo laughs. I chuckle along with nervousness. Before I liked him, we were friends. Best friends in fact, we hung out everyday. But then I started to have feelings for him and we drifted apart. Thinking of him not just as a friend really changes the way you act around someone. He doesn’t know, I wish he did and he felt the same way. But I know that if I “make a move” or whatever, there’s exactly a fifty fifty percent chance of him liking me back. And those chances are too low. We joke about us being together but I honestly don’t know if he’s acting like I am, or is actually telling the truth.

“Yeah, very.”

“Do you wanna get a bite to eat or something?”

My eyes light up, “Yeah sure, that would be-AH!” All of a sudden everything is pink and I’m floating into the sky. Just like those people on the streets before the City Hall meeting. I float up into the sky and soon afterwards, I see Theo doing the same thing.

“Leslie!” he shouts.