Lamps are great for many things. They can decorate a room and make it more lively and pop out more compared to a normal non-lamp decorated room. The other obvious thing that lamps can do is light up rooms. They can also be used with a dimmer switch to create the perfect mood lighting for any room. They can also be replaced with a colored light bulb to light up rooms with different colors to set different moods for different rooms. Lamps have gone a long way from their normal styles with the lamp shade to the lamp base. Now in more modern times, lamps have been redesigned, with new styles and new looks. Now, lamps can light up your room and look good doing it, something older lamps couldn’t do since they weren’t as stylish as their modern counterparts.

The Retro Lamp

People born in the 90’s can remember this fantastic game. This game is so popular that it still getting newer renditions to this day. There have been many Tetris themed items and products that have been made since the 90’s. One of those Tetris themed items is this lamp. This lamp can fulfill three roles, lighting up a room, decorating it, and pays a homage to the greatest game ever made. You can get multiple pieces of this lamp and scatter it around the room, lighting up places and looking cool. You can also gather these pieces and play a very large, real life version of Tetris. This lamp is good for gamers and people who really love vintage, retro things. This can be a very good Christmas present for little kids or adults who are tetris enthusiasts. You can also combine multiple tetris pieces to make one giant, rectangular lamp block that can give the maximum light outage possible. With the giant rectangular block, you can light up large places of the room.

The Violent One

This lamp is for the history enthusiasts. This is for people who love researching history and historical weapons. Even though these weapons have caused massive destruction, some less than others, many people study these weapons in curiosity and try to learn how they caused so much devastation. Once they have learned how, they can help improve modern weapons to stop them from doing as much harm as weapons of the past. This lamp is designed after the mushroom cloud, the cloud that appears after a nuclear warhead has been dropped. These lamps can help decorate the room of a history enthusiast, like a history professor. They can theme their rooms around history and this lamp can help make the room pop out more and stand out compared to normal history themed room without the lamp. This lamp, due to the sheer coolness of it, will make any ones day, just by being near it.

Lamps are a great item. They help light up a room, making it easier to see. They also help decorate the room, making it look cooler and better than normal rooms. Lamps are cool.