The trip

It was a warm, sunny day when Roy and four of his friends wanted to go to an abandoned town. Roy wanted to bring his really close friends so he brought Ori, Evan and Gaven. Roy is sixteen years old and no matter where he is, he is somehow always getting into trouble. He recently dropped out of school but it doesn’t matter because his parents are the most successful people in the whole country. One of Roy friends argues that Roy is to spoiled and he doesn’t know how to live on his own with no butler, technology or a bunch of money. This argument lead to his crazy field trip.

Ori is seventeen years old and he is one of the smartest kids in the school. He usually doesn’t go out but it’s summer break and his friends convinced him to go. Evan isn’t the smartest kid in the bunch but he is very athletic and he knows how to get out of danger due to the fact that he gets bullied on a daily basis. Lastly Gaven is eighteen years old and he is not just an ordinary kid. Gaven is one of the most quiet yet funny kids you will meet.

They got in the car, put their stuff in the back, and sat down and got ready. They put the location in the G.P.S and it was about three hours away. Roy started complaining and said we can just take his private jet but his friends wouldn’t let him. About one hour in the car they got hungry so they pulled over at a gs station and bought a bunch of snacks. After purchasing their items they noticed there was a man following them from behind so they ran to the car and took off.

When they got back in the car they had about half an hour left so they all went to sleep. Obviously except for the driver. They finally got to their destination and everyone woke up and went to the cabin that they rented. The cabin was old and dusty and it was almost the only one in town. There was something unique about this town that they didn’t know yet. There were no laws which meant anyone can do anything. They didn’t know this until they went on a walk in the mourning when they saw the dusty sign.

They saw a store so they decided to go inside. There were many people there but no cashier, it appeared to them that the store was being robbed. They slowly walked in the sore still unsure of what was happening. One man looked straight at Roy and said loudly, “Hey you come over here.” He said this as he raises a knife filled with blood. Evan analyzed what was happening so he told his group to drop all their belongings. As they dropped there stuff the person walked slowly to it and Evan “Run.” They ran as fast as they can get in the car and got back home.