Fortnite and all the seasons.

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Fortnite season nine has a lot of new things being put into the game but there is also a lot of things that were taken out of Fortnite that most people loved in the game. They put things in the game like two New cities since two were destroyed on the last live event that happened. Tilted Towers and Retail Row which were destroyed by an active volcano which turned those locations into Molten rock and lava. The added new cities which are Neo Tilted instead of Tilted towers and Mega mall instead of Retail Row.

They took out a lot of loved things too such as The Pump Shotgun, Buried Treasure, and the Suppressed Assault Rifle. They also took out things that people loved and hated such as Clingers, Scoped Revolvers, Poison Dart Traps, Thermal Assault Rifles, and Balloons have all been taken out of the game. They brought back a weapon that everybody loved which is the original grenade which was taken out at the beginning of season eight.There have been many live events in Fortnite history but the first one is the one that made Fortnite grow. Which added five new cities which were Tilted towers, Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, Snobby Shores and Shifty Shafts.

After season three the season four event happened which flung a meteor towards Dusty Depot turning it into Dusty Divot and adding rocks that you consume to make your character jump double their height and not take any fall damage. After that event it turned one quarter of the map into a desert and making two new cities called Lazy Links and Paradise Palms. Which took out Moisty Mire and Anarchy Acres. In season six they added in Zombies to Fortnite and the Quad Crasher which is a vehicle. In season seven they made a Christmas theme and they added planes and three new cities to replace Flush Factory. They added Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights, and Polar Peaks.

In season eight they made a Pirate theme and changed the lobby into a jungle which is the first time they ever changed it. They made a jungle and took out Lazy Links and added in Lazy Lagoon, Sunny Steps, and a gigantic volcano in between the two. They kept adding new challenges that can get you the ten dollar battle pass for free if you complete them all. They now have over one hundred skins in Fortnite which costs a lot of money. All of those skins together cost at least one thousand dollars without all the emotes, Gliders, Pickaxes, and Back Blings.

They have added a lot of vehicles since season one such as the Shopping Cart, Baller, Quad Crasher, Plane, and Driftboards. They also have a tradition of adding new umbrellas every season that you get if you win one game. They are the Snowlake, Paper Parasol, Graffiti, Beach time, Spider web, Jungle, and Holographic.  The seasons of this game have advanced and i am now waiting to see what happens in season ten.

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