My 5th grade essay

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Chocolate milk is tasty but with the same nutrients as plain milk. Ms.Dobbins says it’s nutrients in disguise because it also has nutrients that every person needs. There are 39 total grams of carbohydrates in sodas and sports drinks and not as much as chocolate milk. Chocolate milk contains no more sugar than unsweetened apple juice.

Chocolate milk does not have the same amount of sugar as soda and sports drinks. All of them have a lot of carbs and can cause diabetes if you drink too much of these drinks daily. Most people drink soda than chocolate milk and think that soda has less sugar than chocolate milk and definitely carbs. Kids only choose to drink white milk when it comes to cereal. The kids will still get the same nutrients as the kids who drink white milk.

The kids who don’t even drink milk at all, don’t get any of the vitamins they need that come from milk. Chocolate milk has the same vitamins but, just a little sweeter. This is better than not getting any dairy in your body. It would be good if the would like to drink chocolate milk that they have to get a signature from their parents saying that they could have chocolate milk on that day but, no more than one. This will help kids not get so high with sugar.

As you can see, chocolate milk is so so good and nutritious! Now, what do you say let’s go get a nice cold creamy glass of chocolate milk, now that you know it’s still as healthy as plain milk.

My Reaction:

I did have a lot of incorrect grammar but I fixed it all. I read it and I remembered that we all had to start off our paragraph the same way because nobody knew how to start it off.

I think that I did a decent job for a fifth grader. The other essays I have written in fifth grade was only about I believe a page and a half long.  We all had to type for this but I really wanted to write it.

We read an article that was based on whether or not chocolate milk should be allowed at school. Then after we had to pick a side and write about why we think that is should or should not be allowed at school.

I choose this side because at the time I remember that we didn’t have chocolate milk so a lot of kids chose the same side as me. This essay has had to be one of my first argumentative essays because I don’t think that I proved my point on why it should have been allowed. The fixes I would have added would be to have added more reasons and maybe make changes in the grammar.

Other than the grammar and more reasoning and facts I think that the fifth grade me has had a good experience with writing her first argumentative essay on chocolate milk.

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