Middle school, and what the heck did we do here?


Okay, what’s good guys. This is pretty different from my usual articles. Which mostly consist of me talking about food or clothes, or maybe tech. But this one is gonna change that a little bit. Middle school. What the heck did we even do here? It seems like it was yesterday when I just walked through those doors and found my way to my first ever homeroom class. But now (at least at the time of writing this) since we are exactly one month away from culminating, I think I would recap the last three years of my life. And what in the absolute heck did I learn from it.

My initial experience: Well, I came to Hale in the summer of 2016. A young, oblivious, sixth grader. Let’s just say I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. Immediately, I was thrown into classes that were (at the time) quite unusual, and different from what I was used to. Changing periods was interesting (even though it was every two periods, because they wanted to save the sixth graders the stress of switching every period). And, it didn’t really help that none of my friends from my previous school came here. But I did end up making some new friends.

New friends: So, it really is no surprise that I had quite a task when I first got to Hale. Make. New. Friends. I actually thought it would be really hard, but on the first day I met one of my soon-to-be good friends. I actually met him because I couldn’t open my locker, and he felt bad so he came to help. We soon came to be best friends and did all of our English and Math projects together. But one big thing that I learned in middle school: friends come and go, and that’s okay. People move on, you can have fights, and that is all okay. You will lose friends over this time here, and then you will accept that it’s apart of life. And hey, maybe you won’t really find your click until later in your middle school experience, I know I didn’t really find mine until then. I met a bunch of new and cool people this year, and I realized I had a lot more in common with them, then my other friends. So, if you don’t find your friends immediately, just wait. They’ll come around.

The Teachers: Okay, now other than your social life, you have a school life. And these teacher could really make or break that. So let me tell you about some of my experiences with teachers at this school (and no, I won’t use their names).

-Starbucks Latte: Absolutely insane. So be careful. Try not to talk much in their class. And just listen. Only make jokes (if you are a comedian) that you know they will for sure like, and not be offended by. If they ask what your favorite color is, answer.

-Fresh Picked Strawberry: Honestly my favorite teacher at this school. They genuinely made me feel so welcome and wanted in the classroom. They made me feel like I had an actual voice, and made me more comfortable speaking aloud in front of people. (Oh ya if you see this, thank you)

-Elephant: Ear shrieking voice that sounds like Ms.Fowler and Jimmy Neutron had a baby. Doesn’t finish their sentences. Very boring. Speaks to everyone like they’re an absolute idiot. Kinda bipolar not gonna lie. (Also, this teacher no longer works here so don’t worry)

The Drama: Now, I think my least favorite part of middle school by far is the drama or “tea” that I have been put into (and sometimes thrown myself into). Everything from incredibly hurtful things said by people who I thought were my closest friends. To having to deal with people using me because I was easy to talk to. People putting their problems on me. It was not fun on my mental, and physical health (it wouldn’t be for anyone, really).

What did I learn?: Well, well, well. It really has been one heck of a ride. These three years have really been a combination of excitement, thrilling, depressing, confusing, and quite a growing experience for me. It definitely has been a wild ride, but, as all things always do. My middle school experience is coming to an end. So, what did I learn? Well first off, its okay to introduce yourself, not everything is about looking cool and playing it cool. If you need friends, make them. Second off, middle school isn’t as easy as elementary, and if you want good grades, work for them, it doesn’t just come your way like it used to. Third, it is okay to show emotion, jeez, its okay to freak out over stuff, its okay to cry, its okay ask for help (still working on that too). Mental health is important, and since you’re discovering who you are during these years, it doesn’t hurt to sit back for a moment, and take a breathe to see how far you’ve come. Fourth, listen, I know you’re gonna be an edgy teen soon, and have a crush throughout your time here. Just please be smart about who it is, and how you act when you’re “madly in love”. Don’t get too attached, and do not let it interfere with your school life (unless its for the best). And last but certainly not least, number five. Please, try to have fun. Middle school might seem like no fun at first, but there will be moments that you want to keep forever from this time in your life. So make them.