All the injuries I’ve gotten this year.

I have had a lot of injuries in my life. To the point where I’ve lost count. I’m obviously here to tell you about all of the injuries I have gotten this year.

I’m going to start with biggest injury this year. It was my arm. I tore my muscle that is connected to my joint. I hurt it at my last regular game for the season because after the regular season comes the championship games. So I was going into my first championship game with a hurt arm and worst of all we had a double header. If you don’t know what a double header is. A double header is when you have two games instead of one game.

I’m a catcher so I had to catch both games for every inning. So I had to throw back the ball every pitch and constantly throw down to first, second and third base. A throw down is when the catcher has to throw the ball all the way to each base, and that can get kind of tiring. By the end of the game my arm was in shooting pain and I was giving out. I normally call my pitcher signs. Signs are when the catcher throws a finger sign and that sign determines what pitch the pitcher should throw. So by the end of my game our team mom told me I should stay off my arm for the rest of the day. When she told me that I was kind of bummed because I thought that meant that I couldn’t play anymore for the rest of the championships. But luckily that didn’t happen.

My second injury I’m going to tell you about is my foot. I was on a walk with my grandma and my dog saw another dog. Let me just tell you that my dog is not the best with other dogs. So when he sees another dog he goes crazy. When he saw the dog I was wearing flip flops and I tripped over my foot. So at first when I looked at my foot I did’t see any blood, so I never thought any of it. Then about thirty seconds later my foot just started to gush out blood. It wasn’t really hurting because I was thinking too much about my dog and the other dog. After the other dog passed us my grandma looked to see where they were so when we turned the corner my dog wouldn’t go crazy and I wouldn’t have to go through that pain again. Later on that day, my dog started to lick my foot where my gash was to try to make it better. Which I thought was really nice.

My latest injury just happened this week. I was in the middle of my softball practice and the coach hit the ball straight to my shin. It really hurt at that time but I didn’t think it was going to turn into a huge welt. When I first showed my mom what it looked like she was nervous because she thought that I fractured my shin and couldn’t play in heat. ( All-stars )

Those are the most recent injuries I have gotten this year.