Summer is really fun because we don’t have school ( school is still entertaining ). I am excited because in the summer I get to play basketball. I love basketball because you are always dribbling the ball and running. It is my first season in about three or four years. When you make a shot it is so satisfying. And when everyone cheers for you, you feel so good inside. And when it is a close game and you have to make the shot you have butterflies in your stomach.

And I will be playing baseball.  In baseball when you hit the ball on the barrel of the bat you can barely feel the vibration on your hands. Sometimes I hit a really hard hit and I score in two or three runs. When you hit the ball and your on second base from scoring in the runs you feel really good in that moment too.

Summer is really fun to because I get to play with my friends. In my neighborhood I have about eight people. One of the only plays video games. All friends like to do different things. One is very athletic like me. We like to go to the park to go play baseball or football.

Another like to play video games. I like to go to his house when I’m lazy. In that house there are seven people. Two of the brother are identical twins.

Another one likes to skate. I go there when I’m bored at my house. We can do  lot of tricks. We also do different types of grinds. He is better than me because I don’t like skating as much as he does. Skating is hard because it is rough.

Another one is athletic and likes video games. He plays outside more, but he hasn’t lately because he is doing he work in school. He has broken his arm with me twice. One time I remember him saying it is a small percent chance to fall back on a unicycle. Then he fell back and broke his arm. The other time I forgot. He also got hit by a motorcycle. When the motorcycle hit him he had to get stitched in his heel. Also flew about ten feet on his back. They had to scrub his back with a brush.

One just plays video games and never comes out to play.

Last but not least the last one likes video games and likes to play outside. We play with his laser-guns and play tag. And we play hid and go seek tag. The whole neighborhood comes over and then we play on his trampoline.

And sometimes they all come to go in my pool. We play hide and go seek everywhere in the neighborhood.

When summer is over I always think it goes by so fast. My mom makes me read books because I won’t remember as much when I go back to school. I think that is true because I had a brain fart and forgot how to spell “who.”