Just Waiting

I had ten missed calls and five voicemails. I had put my phone on airplane mode minutes before. Let me explain better. I had a bunch of school problems. Like I was failing all my classes and all my teachers hated me for reasons I couldn’t understand. Well, they probably hated me because I was failing all my classes. ANYWAYS. A lot was going on at school. Let me explain to you what a day at school in my shoes was like:

I get jolted awake by the sound of my alarm clock beeping six a.m. I get up and go to the bathroom. I wash my face and change into my clothes for the day. Then, I walk downstairs to my kitchen to get myself breakfast. My daily breakfast consists of….drum roll please…..a cereal bar. I don’t have much motivation to make myself a “real” breakfast, as some people call it.

After I’ve finished my delicious meal, I go back to the bathroom and get ready. When I’m done, I get my backpack and go out the door. Nobody drives me, I don’t even drive myself yet, I walk to school. It’s about one and a half mile away but that doesn’t stop me. I put on my headphones and walk and walk and walk.

I finally get to school and I have about ten minutes to do everything I need to before I have to go to class. I walk to the very back of the school and turn a corner to get to my locker. I get there, open it, and exchange my not needed books for the ones that I do need for my upcoming classes. After I finish at my locker, I have nowhere to go. I have no friends and I know it sounds sad but it’s true. I have nowhere to go. That’s why I prefer to arrive at school a little later than usual.

I made up a method for walking alone at school and not seeming like the loser that I actually am. I pretend that I’m looking for someone. I occasionally pick up my phone and pretend to talk to someone, asking them where they are and whatnot. When finally, the bell rings, I walk to my class. I walk in and go to my assigned seat. I sit down, get out my phone, my earbuds, and start listening to music.

The bell rings and it’s time for me to go to my first period. Class is pretty boring since I have history first. My second period is PE. That’s my worst subject. I don’t dress. No explanation, I just don’t. I, once again, have no friends in that class. So, when we get to do whatever we want, I just go in a corner and silently read my book. Then we have nutrition. I don’t eat nutrition because I’m never hungry at that time. Anyways, I keep on going with my classes until lunch, Dreaded lunch. I go to the long cafeteria line and wait. Just wait.  Sometimes it seems like I’ve been waiting for something my entire life…