Fortnite Season 8 Review

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The most recent season of Fortnite is wrapping up on Thursday. Many major changes have occurred this time around so I will go over them, the Battle Pass, and the other things that happened during this Season of Fortnite.

Battle Pass

This Season’s Battle Pass is not very different than others in the way its set up. It is still 100 tiers with over 100 cosmetics. The skins in this pass are better than usual with multiple styles and obtainable items. The Tier 1 skins are Blackheart (a pirate) and Hybrid (a ninja morphed with a serpent). These skins both have additional styles unlocked by completing challenges. Then at Tier 23 you unlocked Sidewinder (an Indiana Jones style explorer). After that at Tier 47 you unlock the Peely skin (a banana man). Then at Tier 71 you unlock the Ember skin (a lava person). After that you unlock Master Key, the Tier 87 skin (Link from Zelda). Then the Tier 100 skin Luxe (a girl in some very trendy clothes). These skins are great and have great sets attached to them. However everything else was not that great.

Weapons, Items, and New Features

In this Season we have had many new items and weapons added. The first was the new pirate cannon. This allows you to launch a cannonball, a teammate, or yourself! Then they added the Baller, a hamster ball you can ride in. Next, was the Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle, a normal infantry rifle that does more damage. Then the Shadow Bomb, a grenade that when you throw turns you invisible.

The new features of the map include Lava and Volcano Vents. The Lava does +1 damage when touching it. It also bounces you balancing it. The volcano vents allow you to have more mobility when moving around the map by launching you in the air allowing you to deploy your glider. These are great additions to the game however my next topic is not.

Siphon Mechanics 

Back in Season 7 there was a LTM (Limited Time Mode) called Siphon. Where when you would get a kill you would earn more health, shield, and materials. Many players loved this feature and when it was announced that it was going to become a real feature many were happy. This feature did come and it was awesome. For a time it meant something to get a kill in the game. Until Epic Games removed the feature. This caused outcry in the community which was already bad until they issued a statement. In this they said (in a nutshell) “we won’t bring it back because bad players don’t like it”. Now I’m not saying I’m the best player but I feel this is stupid. 99% of the community loved it and they say this, give me a break. However we thought with the new Unvaulting event we could vote to bring it back. However it was not a choice. So many people have now given up on Epic and made sure their voices are heard. But I don’t feel Epic is listening to the community as much as before.

This Season of Fortnite had its growing pains as the game became a more complete game. However, I feel this is a good Season.



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