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If it isn’t obvious enough, there are Endgame spoilers in this article.

Infinity War ended when Thanos gained all six infinity stones and snapped his fingers killing half of all living beings. We watched as many of the characters disintegrated into dust and getting trapped in the soul stone. The most sad death, without doubt, was Spiderman’s. The final end credits scene showed Maria Hill and Nick Fury contacting Captain Marvel. With that ending in mind, it was a very painful wait before Endgame came out.

Endgame, the fourth Avengers movie, was released into theaters on April 26th. It is already the second highest grossing film of all time with, according to Wikipedia, $2,188,698,638.

So here’s basically everything that happened in Endgame:

At the beginning of Endgame, we see Nebula and Tony Stark stuck on a ship in space. Stark was losing hope since his oxygen was going to run out the next day. He recorded a message through his Ironman suit hoping his wife, Pepper, would find it. The full video doesn’t get played until the end, but I’ll get to that later.

Then, Captain Marvel finds the ship and carries it down to Earth. Even though being stuck in space wasn’t supposed to be a big part of the movie, I was disappointed in how quickly it happened. I was hoping that there would be more time to see character developments between Nebula and Tony Stark.

When everyone comes to Earth, they make a big plan to go to “The Garden,” the place where Thanos decided to retire, and steal all six infinity stones to bring everyone back. When they get there, we discover that Thanos has destroyed all six stones. Then, all of a sudden, Thor just chops off Thanos’s head. This happened so fast, that it became suspicious.

If you watched, the end credits scene for Antman and The Wasp, you’d know that Scott Lang should’ve been stuck in the quantum realm, after Hope, Janet, and Hank Pym disintegrate. However, we see him in the trailers, so one way or another he came out. When the time comes, we find out that a rat saved him.

When he comes back, he sees the aftermath of Thanos. According to him, he’s only been stuck in the quantum realm for five hours, however five years have passed. He goes to contact whoever is left of the Avengers.

When he meets the Avengers again he brings up the idea of using the quantum realm to time travel. If everything was to go to their plan, they’d travel to a time where they knew where all the infinity stones were and collect them all. When they got all the stones, they’d wear an infinity glove made by Tony Stark and bring back everyone who had disappeared.

There’s a lot of detail I could go on about, but I don’t have enough time to write everything so I’ll just skip to the end scene.

In the end of Endgame, the Hulk wears a new infinity gauntlet and snaps his fingers to bring everyone back. All of the characters from before came back in an amazing final battle scene against Thanos’s army. We got to see Captain America lift Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, which was very surprising since only “worthy” people could lift the hammer. We also got to see Peter Parker and Stark’s reunion after he vanished, and Stark’s death.


What I liked about Endgame:

The Time Traveling

The time traveling in Endgame seemed realistic compared to other time traveling movies. They did a good job at explaining it to cover up any plot holes that could’ve been caused by it. Plus, without time traveling, Thanos wouldn’t have been able to come back, and the movie would’ve been completely different.


The Quotes

There were a lot of iconic quotes in Endgame. One of my favorite quotes was when Thanos said, “I am inevitable.” Then Ironman said, “I am Ironman.” It was great to have him say the quote that ended the first Ironman movie as in the movie he died.

What I disliked about Endgame:

The Snapping

In Infinity War, Thanos snapped his fingers when he got all six infinity stones, killing half of the universe’s population. In Endgame suddenly the only way to use the stones was by snapping. Thanos snapping in Infinity War was fine, because it was meant for the appearance of the movie, and it became funny. However, in Endgame the obsession over snapping became really annoying.


The Deaths

First of all, I feel like Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow’s, death needed some more recognition. Tony Stark got a funeral and the video he recorded at the beginning to be played when he died. Meanwhile, everyone just forgot about Black Widow. I feel like the fight scene between Hawkeye and Black Widow to sacrifice themselves also could’ve been better. After she died, everyone seemed to forget about her death within five minutes.

Also, only there were only two main deaths. With everyone coming back from the soul stone and having an amazing battle scene with Thanos’s army, I was expecting there to be more deaths. It felt unrealistic that there were only two.


The Ending

Near the end, Steve Rogers, the old Captain America, went to back to the past to return all the infinity stones. Instead of coming back, however, he decided to stay there and continue his life before he got stuck in ice for seventy years with Peggy. When he came back, he was old, I don’t remember if it stated his exact age but I’m guessing he’s in his 90s. He then gave his shield to Sam Wilson, Falcon, making him the new Captain America. This part of the movie disappointed me a lot because Steve Rogers was one of my favorite characters and I wanted to see where him being “worthy” was going to take future movies.

With all this considered, I’d rate Endgame a seven out of ten. It wasn’t as good as Infinity War, but it wasn’t bad.


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