Global Warming

Hello today I’m going to talk about global warming and how bad it is and how you can change it with simple easy tasks. So first if you don’t know or not sure what global warming is then this is it, “a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.” And I got this information from the google dictionary.

So what people are doing to the earth is really bad. And its really simple to fix it. Many people think that if they do it it won’t make a huge different, so that is why people don’t help stop global warming. But they do one simple act can change the universe, it starts with one person.

So first what you can do is pick up trash from the floor instead of just walking by and not caring. Or don’t throw trash on the floor. Another thing you can do is recycle, recycling is a really good idea, and if you don’t really know what recycling is then this is the definition of recycling,”convert (waste) into reusable material.” And I got that from google dictionary. But when you recycle things make sure you know what to recycle and what not to recycle.

But except from picking up trash and recycling you could compost and if you don’t know what composting is then this is what it is,”make (vegetable matter or manure) into compost.” So you can compost and help the soil so we can grow more plant to help the world, because global warming is making extreme weather which can really be a problem, and its not global warming’s fault its ours, we created global warming so we have to destroy it, and these things can help.

Another thing that can help is stop using plastic straws, not just for global warming but also for all the animals in the world that are dying because we are are using so many straws, #save the turtles. And we could also do more things like instead of using paper containers and just recycle then all the time even though recycling is good but you can just use renewable containers, and if you don’t know how that will help global warming then i’ll tell you, if you use renewable containers there will be less trash in the world which would help stop global warming.

For the last part of this article, I’ll tell you that my family changed a lot when we found out that we don’t have much time until it’s too late and we can’t fix global warming, like we recycle and compost now, and one person or one family can change the whole world, and as I said before it one starts with one person, and if everyone at least tries to make a different global warming could stop in no time. so please take care of the world because you can make a difference.

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