Ranking My Middle School Years

In some weird way, I think I’m kind of lucky when it comes to my years spent in middle school. I always hear horror stories about everyone on Reddit’s traumatic middle school experiences and how these three horrendous years of their lives left them scarred forever, and I’ve honestly never found myself able to relate to those anecdotes. Though middle school was 100% the worst time of my life, especially this year, I’m grateful it wasn’t worse and realize that most of the crap that happened to me wasn’t a product of the fact that I’m middle school, but rather just unfortunate life circumstances.

Nonetheless, I learned a lot throughout these short, critical, and condensed few years of my life. As one of my friends who wrote a similar article to this one described it, middle school is like a story. If you were to manifest your middle school experience in writing, you would be able to form themes and lessons and identify character arcs and unexpected twists. Seeming as this is my last year in the thriller that has been middle school, I thought I’d do a little bit of reflection on the past few years of my life. Just a warning: this is a very subjective opinion, and I’m sure not everyone will agree or relate to my point of views.

Sixth Grade: Change

I think if there was a theme of sixth grade it would have been the idea of change. Not only did I have to adapt to going to middle school from elementary school, but I also switched to Hale in the beginning of the second semester. I found myself in classes with all new teachers, people I’ve never seen in my entire life before, and a campus I struggled to navigate, all in the middle of the year. Regardless, throughout the duration of sixth grade, I never really felt that alone. I knew everyone was experiencing the same fundamental struggle as I was– change. For me personally, I was somewhat lucky. I quickly fit into a good group of friends and met some really amazing people who I’m still close friends with to this day… others, not so much. Sixth grade was, for everyone, the mark of a new beginning. The year represented a transition from innocence and purity, to gradual corruption as we rapidly approached seventh grade.

Seventh Grade: Self-Discovery

Let’s be blunt: seventh grade was not good. It stood as the awkward middle. At least in sixth grade, everything’s new and exciting, while in eighth grade, you at least have graduation to look forward to. Unfortunately, in seventh grade you have no light at the end of the tunnel. For me and many others, the year was agonizing. I felt like everything was out of my control, from the terrible electives I had to my considerably more stressful social life. I faced the first time in my life where academics got difficult for me, which was a foreign experience at that point. I realized some of my friends weren’t actually my friends, and I had to burn a lot of bridges. Everyone around me was a hormonal teen, dripping with angst and a desperate longing to fit in, and I was no exception. This was a time when everyone was trying to figure themselves out, which made it hard to do the same. Though I faced some misfortune, I met a lot of new and genuinely great people, and have quite a few memories that I can always look back on with a smile.

Eight Grade: Resilience

I started eighth grade as everyone else did– eager to graduate and get middle school over with. As the first semester dragged on, I felt satisfied with myself. Everything felt like it was going exactly how I hoped it would. There was very little drama within my friend group and I was consistently doing well academically. Then second semester happened. I’m not going to get into it in this article, but for context, the time between December and February were the worst few months of my entire life. Though, in the months following, things consistently got better. The drama subsided, and I’m in a place again where I’m happy and content. This year was an absolute plot twist, and I’m praying to whatever fuzzy purple monster in the sky that nothing else happens. Being as it’s towards in the end of second semester, everyone seems to have calmed down. Most of us are all eagerly awaiting graduation and the new change of scenery we’ll experience in high school.

Personal Ranking

1. Sixth

2. Seventh

3. Eighth