REVISITED: Random topics

A few weeks ago, I had written an article called random topics. It was originally going to be about people who say that they “born in the wrong generation” because supposedly the music today is inferior to past music. However, I didn’t have enough time to go in depth about the topic and decided to rush it by talking about random music topics. I regretted that decision and I would like to focus more on the topic I was originally going to talk about it. So, let’s revisited the article, Shall we?
So, do you sometimes scroll down on some music comment section and found something on the lines of “I wish I was born in this generation because the music was superior in their days”? Yeah, most of these people act like their music tastes are legitimately better than yours. Like they act like listening to bands like Queen or Led Zeppelin is the only real thing you should listen to. That they pushed the limits of music and it could never be pushed again. Well here’s a fun fact, Led Zeppelin is infamously known for plagiarizing blues musician and didn’t give any credit to them at all. I bet that they don’t listen to any albums besides the singles. Many of them just stay in their little circle of music tastes and never expand. They always dropped a deuce on rap for some reason. Because supposedly it isn’t that smart compared to the past. I completely understand if you don’t like the genre of rap.

But if you list one of your reason why and it’s “It’s garbage compared to past rock”, I will fight you on that opinion. Because songs like the Beatles revolution number 9 and Queen’s bicycle race is sure groundbreaking in lyricism. Most act like the rock scene died right after Nirvana. But they always forget that there was a rock scene in the 2000’s. It’s an interesting topic to cover but that’s not the issue here right now. Many people feel like that rock should be topping the charts. But to me, it shouldn’t at all. When the same genre is ruling the charts for decades, people are going to bored of the genre and move on to something else. So, I’m kind of glad that’s it not on the charts right now. I wouldn’t say it’s dead, but just thriving underground. You don’t have to be forced to listen to stuff on the charts. But you must just dig deeper to find the music that you like. Another rule of thumb is to not listen to the same stuff repeatedly, it would get stale and repetitive. But to those who saying that it’s better living in the past decades. Like living in the sixties or fifties? Just no, the decade that we are living in right now is probably at its best in humanity. If you want to live in a decade where you fear that you’re get to nuked to death. That’s perfectly fine by me. All and all, I think this article is an improvement than the last one. Sorry, if this come off as an rant, I think I would try to be more positive next time.