Brawl Stars Strategy part 11: Pam and Mortis

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Pam is like the mother of brawl stars. While ironically, Mortis is the second most deadly assassin in the game. These two brawlers are very strong right now due to their recent buffs.

Pam is by far the strongest brawler in this game right now. Her damage and self sustain is superior to any other brawlers. She is a scrapper that shoots you with scrap metal out of her ghost buster looking sprayer. She has an astounding 5375 health for a brawler that has a ton of damage. Pam shoots a large amount of metal out of her scrapper dealing 300 damage each. It sounds underwhelming but, when you take like five million pieces of metal to the face you will very quickly learn that it hurts… a lot. Her super and star power make her invincible. For her super she puts down a healing turret heals anybody in its radius for 400 health a second. The turret itself has 3500 health making it more tanky than some other brawlers. If Pam puts down her turret in a protected position like behind a wall or obstacle then your first objective should be to take out that turret. And if you think that that is a lot of healing then you have made a mistake. Her star power makes it even worse than it already is. If you unlock Pam’s star power then every time you hit an enemy you and surrounding allies will heal for 30 health. 30 health may not sound like a lot but remember, she shoots a storm of bullets. The irony about this brawler is that she is classified as “support” but no. I think its supposed to mean that she doesn’t need one because she can take care of herself even in a 1 versus 5 situation.

Mortis is what you would call an assassin of this game as he has a lot of mobility and puts out a lot of burst damage. Burst damage is a lot of damage (usually enough to kill a squishy target) dealt in a matter of seconds. Mortis has the most mobility in the whole game allowing him to be very slippery. Mortis used to be one of those brawlers you look down too and it still hasn’t changed. Mortis is not intimidating but, Mortis mains are a nightmare. They can easily dash through your punches bullets or earthquakes or sound waves. Also, Dynamike  is pretty much food for Mortis. If you lose to a Dynamike as Mortis you must be trying to lose because it is just that easy to die to Mortis as a Dynamike. Mortis is the life-steal god due to his ultimate. As his auto-attack Mortis dashes in a direction leading with his bladed shovel. It does 1215 damage per slash. Mortis is a vampire so for his ultimate, he sends out a colony of bats that can go through walls in a direction. Each time a bat hits an enemy it does 1215 damage and it also restores 1215 points of his health. You can easily win 1 versus 3 situations with this healing ability as he only has 5130 health meaning that every time he hits an enemy with his ultimate he gains a large portion of his health.

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