What I actually did over spring break

I actually accomplished more than I thought I would during spring break. This is basically going to be what I did over spring break. The first thing I did over spring break was binge watch so many shows. One of the main shows I binge-watched was on my block for like the fifth time in a row. I really recommend that show if you haven’t watched it yet its really funny but still has a really good plot. I also binge watched some glee. Glee isn’t  my favorite show but two things that I really like about it is character development and the way they actually deal with real problems that people watching can relate to.

Next thing I did over spring break was sleep a lot which I was actually really happy about because I never get any sleep during the week so it was really nice to finally sleep. I woke up really late some days and when I say late I mean like 1 pm. Honestly, I kinda got mad at myself when I look at one pm because I used a lot of my day just sleeping but it was worth it so it’s fine.

Another thing that I was really happy that I did was that I actually did my homework. I really shouldn’t be proud of this but sometimes I procrastinate. I didn’t procrastinate this time I actually did my homework like on the second day of spring break and it felt really good to finally not be doing my homework on the last night of spring break at 11 pm. I know it sounds kind of bad but I do do that a lot. I still have good grades so. I guess that’s good. I’m still trying to work on that.

The last thing I did over spring break was hang out with my friends, I went to the mall a lot and actually bought stuff and that’s an accomplishment because usually when I go to the mall I only buy food. I actually bought a lot of clothes and so did my friends. I also did buy a lot of food at the mall and spent all the money I had left in my wallet on fries and ice cream. I also went to Santa Monica pier for my friends birthday we went in the ocean and I went on my first ever roller coaster even though it wasn’t a scary rollercoaster it was still fun I actually almost started crying on a ride because it was going really high and I wasn’t here for it. I was about to not go on the ride because I was scared but my friends told me it would be fun so I agreed. I actually did have fun it was just kinda scary for me cause it went really high and I got that feeling in my stomach that I absolutely hate. Overall I had a lot of fun with what I did over spring break and I actually think it was successful.