Noodles, and why I want them


Yo guys whats good. It is me back at it again with (wow you really guessed it) another food article. Now, I’ve spoken about multiple different topics relating to food. Why it makes me happy, why it is so good, and multiple different restaurants and types of foods that I absolutely love and want. But now, it will really get real. Noodles are such a diverse food, that can really fit into any style of cooking. Anywhere from Americans, to Italians, to Chinese, or Japanese chefs use noodles in their cooking. And for good reason too. They taste absolutely spectacular. So, now lets talk about some of my favorite dishes made with noodles.

  1. Chow Mein (from panda express): Alright, so lets get into something a little basic. But still, nevertheless, absolutely delicious. If you have never had chow mein (or heard of it). First of all, you have been living under a rock or you are just an uncultured swine. And second of all, it is usually made out of deep fried egg noodles, and contains a bunch of different vegetables like cabbage, celery, and onion. And its usually tossed in some soy, and oyster sauce. It is really a great combination of flavors that never fail to make me very happy whenever I eat it.  Image result for chow mein panda express
  2. Chicken Tequila Fettuccine (From Cpk): Ok, so next up we have one of the dishes I grew up eating (yes I grew up eating California Pizza Kitchen). It used to be my usual whenever I would go there for years (times have changed but it is still a personal favorite of mine). It has garlic, jalapenos, chicken, tequila (shocker) but kids can still eat it do not worry, lime, and bell pepper (but take out the bell pepper, because that stuff gets really overpowering really quickly). Image result for cpk chicken tequila fettuccine
  3. Tonkotsu Spicy (from Jinya Ramen Bar): So, now we have something a little different on this list. I have always been a real sucker for a good bowl of ramen. And it wasn’t until I found this place, that I really became a lover of ramen. Now you may want to question why I really like chain restaurants (even though this is a smaller chain, and it’s really the type of ramen that I do like more then the restaurant I get it from). But, the tonkotsu spicy, is just another way of saying ‘spicy pork ramen’. So as the name really suggests, this is a spicy version of the pork ramen on their menu. It contains, pork broth, pork chashu, spicy bean sprouts, kikurage, green onions, and their house chili paste. It really is a great dish to have on a cold day (or any day really).Image result for tonkotsu spicy jinya
  4. Chicken Noodle soup (Mels Diner): Last but certainly not least. We have one of my (and really anyone who is sane) personal favorite dishes (ever). A classic noodle soup made by a grate diner that my family has been going to before I was even born. It creamy, salty, has just the right amount of vegetable to chicken to noodle ratio. And comes with saltines. It really is worth a try if you go to mels, and want something on the side of your sandwich (or I don’t know, hamburger, or breakfast) chicken noodle soup goes with anything really.  Related image