Trash Cans

Trash cans are a great invention. They help organize the trash and stops it from the trash from ending up in oceans and rivers. If the trash ends up in oceans and rivers, it will not pollute the wildlife with plastic items and dirty pieces of trash will not end up in the wildlife’s digestive systems. Without polluted wildlife, the earth will live longer and us humans will live longer with a reduced risk of food poisoning. Trash cans help in collecting the trash and stops it from blowing away in the wind an ending up in the wilderness. Since the invention of trash cans, there have been many different designs that the trash can has taken up. In this article, I will show two different ones.

The Fun One

This trash can is for people who want to have fun cleaning the planet. Throwing out the trash in a normal way can get boring really fast. People who get bored have noticed this and have though of a solution for this, make the trash can more fun so throwing out the trash will be more fun. Now that a basketball hoop is attached to the trash can, throwing out the trash can be more enjoyable. Now, people can have games with other people to help clean the environment. People can play games like Trash Basketball and Trash Basketball Trick-Shots. You can have teams of two or three people or just one versus one to see who can make the most pieces of trash into the trash can. This way, people can have fun throwing away trash while cleaning the environment. Also with the backboard in place, your shots are going to be more accurate and have a greater chance in landing in the trash can.

The Eco-Friendly One

This trash can is the pinnacle of trash cans. It takes people trash and turns it into something that can help clean trash. People who are major ecologists can now be happy. They can take the trash or recyclable items, and turn it into a trash can to collect more trash. This types of trash cans are better for the environment compared to normal trash cans. Normal trash are made with newly made materials while this trash can uses recyclables to make a trash can. Normal trash cans, when not used, end up as trash, which defeats the purpose of trash cans. This trash can takes the trash and turns it into a trash can, resulting in less trash ending up in landfills. When the normal trash can is not used, it ends up in landfills since it is made of non-recyclable materials. It is a different story for the eco-friendly trash can. When not used, it can be put in recycling plants to be recycled into other things like more bottles or new bottles which can end up back in the recycling plant which completes the cycle.

Trash cans come in different shapes and sizes. They help clean the environment and keep the earth clean. In my opinion, the earth looks better clean rather than dirty.