The Soccer Game

It was a rainy dark day in New York when six kids decided to play soccer. These kids would always play soccer everyday after school ended till nine. The main kid of this group was named Jordan, Jordan was the most humble, even though he was the probably the best player there he never talked about how good he was. Jordan was not the only talented kid in the group, a kid named James would almost never get the ball stolen from him. The only kid that can stop James is one of the best defenders in the city and his name was Ron.

All these kids went out to play and James and Jordan were the team captains. The teams got arranged and the game started. They played until it got dark and forgot that it was their curfew. When James and Jordan left they lived close to each other  so they walked together. On the way to their back home a man with a suit approached them and offered them a ten thousand dollar contract each to play for his team. James and Jordan got so surprised, they didn’t know what to say and the man said I know it’s a huge decision so I’ll let you think about it.

They just got to Jordan’s house and James mom was there as usual. They went to their parents in pure excitement and told them. Their parents were so excited but James brought up the fact that the man said I’ll let you think about it. Jordan was confused why they wouldn’t take the deal but then he looked at the business card the man gave them and it said practice was from three to nine. This was a big game changer because that would mean they would have to leave their friends. They asked their mom’s what they should do and the mom’s replied with you should ask your friend.

The next day they went to the park and asked their friends. They all replied with whatever is the best for you guys. James and Jordans still weren’t convinced they were on board with this decision. They started playing and James spotted the man watching in a distance. He gathered the group and told them play the best you ever played because there is a chance we can all join this team. the game started and everyone was giving it their all.

The man saw the effort the kids were putting in so he went up to them and said all of you are welcome to join the team. They were so excited that they can do this together. A day passed and they played their first game, this team’s chemistry was so good that they beat the other team five to zero. This team went on and won every game for like three months until another manager offered to take thus team and making it an academy. After this team became an academy it was only uphill from there.