Haunted House

 It’s October 31st, 2011. My friends and I have gone trick or treating every year since we were 4. Since then, we have never seen anyone go even close to 964 Cube Street. Everyone calls it ‘The Haunted House’

  This year, we are dressing up as ghostbusters. Chloe, Lucas, and Jayden are all meeting up at my house at 3:00. Then we will make sure all our costumes are perfect and ready. It’s 3:00 and everyone is here. We all put on our costumes, do our hair, and grab our bags. We are walking down Cube Street and get candy from each door we see.

“Hey guys. I think we should go the that house,” Lucas said as he pointed to the haunted house, “I mean we are 14. I think we are old enough to handle it.”

 “But I’ve seen people walk in that house and never come out,” said Chloe. 

 “Like who?” asked Jayden, “Are you a scaredy-cat?“

 “I do remember hearing a story like that in the news,” I said, “ It was a girl named Cassidy. she was dressed up as a bunny. Her and her mom were going trick or treating and the last place they were seen was knocking on the door,” I said as I showed them the picture that was taken “look I’m not lying it was all over the news 3 years ago.”

 “She’s right we probably shouldn’t go in there,” said Lucas.

 “Oh look now we have two scaredy-cats,” said Jayden.

 “I’m not a scaredy-cat ok, I just remembering my mom talking about that,” said Lucas.

“Come on we are doing it anyways,” said Jayden as he dragged us to the house.

 We knocked on the door but no one answered. The door creaked open. Jayden started to walk in but once all of us got in the door slammed shut. We all screamed.

“Come on open up you stupid door!” Chloe said as she ran to the door and pulled on the door knob “Guys it won’t open there is no way out.”

  There was a big TV on the wall in big letters it said “ to get let out you must complete this riddles.”

 “No, no, no, this can’t be happening I’m horrible at riddles,” said Lucas “I told you guys we shouldn’t have came in here!”

“We are fine I’m the master at riddles,” said Jayden.

  The first riddle was “I only live where there is light, but I die  if the light shines on me.”

“Oh um there is a lamp right there what if we use that to answer the riddle. Go stand over there Lily,” said Chloe as she picked up the lamp and I walked over to where she pointed.

“It’s, it’s a shadow look when I put the lamp behind you it makes a shadow but when I try putting the lamp on the shadow it disappears” said Jayden as he moved the lamp.

“You’re right,” I said as I typed it into the keypad.

The next riddle was “I have keys but no lock. I have a space but no room. You can enter but you can’t go outside.”

“What could this be,” I said.

 “I think it is a safe,” said Jayden as he typed it into the keyboard.

 Then the room was flashing red and a guy in a black cloak walked in and yelled “Who typed that!”

“Um…..I did” said Jayden.

 The guy in the cloak then took out a knife and stabbed Jayden in the chest.

“It’s a keyboard by the way,” said the guy in the black cloak.

“Noooo!” I said falling onto my knees crying.

“Guys I think that if you get it wrong you die,” said Chloe.

 “Thanks a lot captain obvious,” Lucas said.

The next riddle is “What gets wet when it’s drying.”

 “Guys I know this one it’s a towel,” I said as I walked toward the keyboard.

“No, Lily, it’s eyes because when your eyes get dry your eyes form tears,” Chloe said as she typed it into the keyboard.

The guy with the cloak came back out and killed Chloe and I sat on the floor in tears.

 “It’s a towel,” said the guy in the cloak.

“I wish she listened to me!” I said banging my fisted on the floor “I wish we never came in here!”

“You will be ok,” said Lucas.

“No I won’t a bunch of my friends are dead and I can’t do anything about it,” I said still crying.

“Look, I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone,” Lucas said as his face turned red “I like you,”

I stood up and gave him a hug and look over his shoulder and saw the TV it said “Give me food and I will live. Give me water and I will die. What am I ?”

 “I think it’s a witch,” I said wiping the tears from my face and typing it in.

 I saw the room flashing with red as the man in the black cloak entered the room.

 “The answer was fire,” said the man in the black cloak.

“I typed it,” said Lucas as he got stabbed with the knife.